Professional Cuddling 


I attended my first Cuddle Party in February of 2016, and I have been passionate about the power of cuddling ever since. Now I am both a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator and a professional Cuddlist. I have found healing for myself and witnessed deep transformations in others through the radical process of decoupling sex and touch. Now I understand the importance of establishing truly consensual interactions, where everyone feels equally comfortable saying Yes as saying No. 

I host periodic cuddle parties in various locations throughout the year. I’m always looking for people who would be interested in hosting a Cuddle Party at their home or yoga studio… I mostly live in the Red River Gorge, so locations in Lexington, Louisville or Cincinnati would be wonderful. Please fill out the contact form if this interests you.

I offer individual cuddling sessions for $80 per hour. Please fill out the contact form here if you’d like to schedule a session.

There are many other amazing Cuddlists across the US and the world, I encourage you to reach out and give cuddling a try.