February - Love Life Sharing Circle - Free Online

February - Love Life Sharing Circle - Free Online

Monday, February 19, 2024

7-8:30 pm Eastern

Hello Dear Ones!

Let's talk about Love.

Let's talk about creating more love in this world, not less.

What does love mean to you, and how is it currently showing up in your life?

For this month's members gathering (for folks who are a member of my mailing list), we'll focus on the mystery of love - how it moves in our lives, and in our hearts.

We'll begin with a brief meditation and centering to welcome love into our hearts and lives more deeply. What is love? What does it feel like in our bodies?

Then we'll have a check in about your relationship to love. If love was an animal, plant or other life form in your life, what kind of organism would it be right now, for you? Why? Would your answer be different if we were only talking about romantic love?

There may be break-out rooms so that folks can share in pairs rather than with the large group.

Then I'll open the floor for stories and questions about the power of love.

We'll close with an invitation to share one way that you would like to embody more love in your life.

Hope to see you there!