Red River Gorge Summer Play Ashram 2019

Welcome and thanks for your interest in our community! We are a group of yoga practitioners, teachers, students and nature lovers who come together to live in playful, loving, devotional community, close to the land for several months during the year. This year we will be living at Lago Linda’s Hideaway from June 6- July 28, with a sojourn as a theme camp at the Playthink Festival in Harrodsburg from June 12-16. The ashram will also be part of Whippoorwill Earth Skills Festival which also takes place at Lago Linda’s July 19-21. We set up at the Kentucky Yoga Festival from April 26-28 this year as well.

We invite you to come join us during the 2019 summer session. In addition to daily ashram life, we are also offering three weekend workshop retreats this summer:

June 21-23 Chakra Kriya Yoga with Asheesh Acharya

June 28-30 Contemplative Rockclimbing with Sarah Belzile

July 12-14 Wild Earth Yoga & Writing Your Own Mythology with Leila Christina


Daily Schedule & Lodging

Our days start at 6:30 am with morning meditation practice at the lake, followed by asana practice from 7:00 am to 8:00 am. Breakfast is from 8:15-9:00 am. We maintain silence in the morning until after breakfast. We gather again for dinner at 7:00 pm followed by fire ceremony and sometimes kirtan or other sharing.

“There was a timelessness to the days. As if time ceased to exert power or influence over my capacity to experience. There was nothing - work, play, rest, contemplation - for which time seemed to ‘run out’.”

During the day, there is unstructured time, for journaling, play, nature time, or if you need to get “work” done on your computer, there is wifi available in the air-conditioned Shake Out Lounge. Most days, there are outings to the bountiful nearby rock climbing areas. There are also miles of nearby hiking trails. It is a 10 minute walk down the hill to the lake, and the campground has canoes available for use. Feel free to bring your own water toys, stand up paddle board, or other ways to enjoy the water.

For more information about the facilities at Lago Linda’s, please visit their website.

We have a dedicated area for our ashram camp where we have our tents set up (see pictures below, that may help to visualize what we have going on). You may bring your own tent to pitch in our area, or you may choose to stay in one of our “glamping” tents, with a cot and even an outlet for charging your phone. You would just need to bring your sleeping bag and pillow.


A Space for Spiritual Work & Play

Why live in an ashram? The intention of the ashram is simple; it’s to create a space for healing and spiritual transformation. We have found that there is a deep cellular relaxation that takes place when living according to yogic principles in a predictable rhythm of daily spiritual practice.

The daily fire ceremonies are a powerful way to continually align with the most pure aspects of the inner most self. We offer to the fire all of the things that no longer serve us, and honor its primordial power of metaphysical transformation and healing. As the fire transforms the wood into light and heat, so we offer ourselves to the Divine, that we may be transformed and uplifted.

In our community, we deeply value the principle of play as a means for learning and growth. This is why we consider things like making music together, rock climbing and playing in the lake to be part of our “sadhana” or spiritual “work”. Here’s a brilliant article about play as a movement of love.

There is an open invitation to all participants to offer opportunities for shared play and learning to the group, especially during our unstructured day time hours; anything from sound healing with singing bowls, to rock climbing, to nature poetry writing, plant walks, shadow work, mushroom hunting, fairy house building, acro-yoga or anything that sounds like fun to you. As we get closer to June, we’re hoping we can develop a schedule of these daily offerings.

“It was like being a child again; each day, sprawling out before me without linear pathways so that I was free to leap out of the grip of gravity and time.”

Meals, Money & Contributing

We prepare sattvic breakfasts and dinners together, which means using fresh, plant-based foods and avoiding the use of garlic and onion. We use a lot of ginger, turmeric, cumin and other Indian spices, and meals are mostly vegan with the occasional appearance of ghee or cheese. We use organic, locally produced or foraged food whenever possible, since it has the most “ojas” or capacity to purify and uplift our vibration. Lunches are “on your own”… you can forage in the nearby acres of fields and woods, or forage in our community kitchen to put a meal together for yourself.

We operate on the gift economy, which means that we invite you to contribute to our community at the level that feels right for you. We are in need of “seva” or “karma yoga” volunteers for so many things at our ashram: leading morning meditation and/or asana practice, meal preparation, gathering and drying firewood, foraging wild edibles, procuring other food. We invite you to contribute in this way and/or to contribute financially. The daily amount for two meals, camping, and morning and evening practices that we invite you to consider are as follows:

Pond: $15/night (covers our expenses for paying the campground for your attendance and buying groceries)

Lake: $25/night (covers expenses and contributes to the “yogic container” we have created)

Ocean: $40/night (covers expenses and contributes to making this project thrive)

If you would like to stay in one of our tents, and/or sleep on one of our cots, we would love a contribution of $7 more per day.

All proceeds go into the ashram non-profit checking account, and support this endeavor as well as our Yoga Church services which we offer on Sundays during the year.

Sarah Belzile, Yogi Amitram and Leila Christina Ananda

Sarah Belzile, Yogi Amitram and Leila Christina Ananda

Would you like to come stay with us this summer? Have questions? Contact us here:

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