Creating the World I Want to Inhabit


I want to live in a world where...

 ... people of all colors rarely get sick, because they are eating foods that are locally raised, nutrient dense and support the healthy functioning of body and soul. In this world, it is normal to take a moment and give thanks for one another and for the food and the farmers before each meal. We all have access to clean, pure water and air. When someone does get sick, they are treated with utmost care and intelligence. As soon as even small symptoms appear, there is no hesitation to seek attention because natural and inexpensive healing resources are abundantly available. As part of the therapeutic process, the person’s entire life is taken into consideration, their emotional and spiritual health as well as their physical symptoms. They are healed by the strength and wisdom of their community.

In this wonderful place, when there is a disagreement, people slow down and take the time to restore the trust that has been broken, even if it is “just” someone stealing your parking spot. People recognize that trust is the most precious community resource that makes all community functioning possible, and treat it as such. This would meet my need for shared reality.

I want to live in a world of harmonious diversity, like what I see at my church here in CLE, and on the subway in New York. I want to see a diverse and interdependent community that goes beyond just the appearance of harmony, where people of different cultural background are comfortable being friends, laughing and socializing together, at the same dinner tables, the same meeting places.

I want to live in a world where children are educated based on respect and understanding of the natural world first and foremost. They are taught not only how to use their minds to research and problem solve, they also learn the importance of keeping their minds soft and flexible, in a growth mindset for their entire lives. In this world, children are taught the value of a soft heart, and how to express their feelings, resolve interpersonal conflicts, have authentic dialogue with someone of a differing viewpoint. This education is either free or easily afforded by all, for all children. For adults, there are also free and abundant educational resources as well, where one can learn anything, from how to knit or become completely trained and prepared for a new career.

I want to live in a world where beauty and art are seen as important elements of sustainability. Things are designed and built with an understanding that beauty is a form of medicine, as is self expression and creativity. I want to live in a world where live music and dance are part of every household on at least a weekly basis.

I want to live in a world where people work in offices and stores and factories and plants where they are excited to go to work every day. Where they are motivated by their love of contributing and serving others. Where there is no fear of “the boss” or the hierarchy, yet there is a strong accountability to one’s co-workers and friends, and a keen awareness how behaviors like arriving late or leaving tasks undone or wasting resources affects the functioning of the whole. I want to see workplaces where there is deep pride in the excellence, mastery and beauty of what is being created every day. I want to see workers who are empowered and informed enough that they feel comfortable implementing new systems and initiatives themselves, using their peers with more experience and knowledge as resources to support the effectiveness of their ideas.

I want to live in a world where contemplation and daydreaming is considered a vital part of our human experience, and of continuing to evolve as a species. Creation starts in the imagination, and that is the realm where all new possibilities reside. I am willing to vote with my life and my money, my resources and my time, to actualize as many parts of this vision that are possible within my lifetime.