Conscious Kink for the Holidays

Conscious Kink for the Holidays

I know May seems like it's really far in the future, but I have been getting comments and interest for next year's Conscious Kink retreat, so registration is now live... and this could be a holiday gift for a loved one!

Mana (Xilverfox) and I made this video with a discussion of some of the principles of Conscious Kink - what makes it so powerful, so healing, and so endlessly fascinating. So even if you don't feel like you're ready for the retreat, here's a video with some useful concepts in it.

Here's the deets about the retreat:

The Pleasure of Conscious Kink - May 2024 - A Tantric Healing Retreat
Join us for a weekend of play, pleasure and exploration to support your journey of erotic liberation and ecstatic embodiment.

Additionally, if you would like to explore some conscious kink with your partner, I would love to offer you some personalized coaching around things you can explore together. Conscious kink can be a transformative way to harness the power of core wounds and turn it into HOTNESS!!

A coaching session or package could always be a holiday gift as well!

From Previous Conscious Kink Retreat Participants:

I have never left a workshop feeling like I actually belonged with the family we created together. There isn't any one element that made it happen--it was a result of everything and everyone coming together in the perfect way, as exactly who they were, everyone surrendered to the principles and guidelines established, and supported so beautifully by the brilliance, skill, and heartful, soulful presences of Sarah, Mana, and Garrell. Thank you for everything!
Thank you. Everyone was so present and so alive to the deep and healing potential of this work. It made it a life-transforming experience.
In one sense, there is no such thing as kink :) There is only human experience, and 'kinky' is one way of conceptualizing it. That kink scenarios can be deep drama therapy, that impact play is bodywork, and that Conscious Kink is a healing modality and soul retrieval practice. I am still in awe.
The facilitators are very experienced and make a very comfortable container !