Online Courses

Relationship Refresh - A Virtual Date Experience

This "course" is a mini-retreat for you and your significant other.

Remember when you first started dating and you felt the butterflies in your stomach?

And now, perhaps, you feel more like roommates or two trains passing in the night?

This experience is designed for couples just like you. It's so common for couples to need support in order to find their way back to one another. 

Remember how good it can feel to really be connected and in love? These exercises, prompts and relationship experiments will guide you back towards a deeper state of connection, love and understanding. Maybe even to a place that you have never been before, with one another. 

Upon purchase, you will receive access to 14 short videos (and a written summary of each prompt) during which I will guide you through a series of exercises, all of which can be completed in one session together. The exercises involve touch, breath and various conversational prompts. 

All you need is to set aside the time to connect, a phone or a computer to play the videos and a private space for yourselves. I look forward to guiding you back towards one another!