About Sarah

About Sarah

I’m Sarah Belzile, and I am here to serve other humans who are deeply curious about living into their fullest human potential.

I specifically work with intimacy as a spiritual path— as a way to embody the Divine Soul to the highest potential in this lifetime.

I love to support people in healing their relationships with sex, money and themselves. Through practices like yoga, breath work, cuddling, embodiment and erotic work, tantra, eco-eroticism and other powerful modalities, I provide coaching and facilitation services in group and individual settings.

Coaching and Individual Sessions
After every coaching call or cuddling session, my body is relaxed, my mind is calm and my heart is full. These sensations help me to know that I am showing up in alignment with my innermost self. I have been serving people and their journeys in this way for many
What’s Possible
Some stories of what’s possible from this work that I share with the world.

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Why I’m here
As the descendent of a long line of Catholics, it’s no wonder that I so clearly remember the moment when I learned that there is a spiritual path in which erotic liberation is seen as sacred and welcome.

If you'd like a more detailed account, check out this blog post where I go deep on the story of how I got to where I am today. 

I'm on Youtube, too!

Listen to an interview/podcast I did with the Human Awareness Institute. 

Listen to an interview/podcast about Eco-eroticism and erotic liberation with Craig and G-Love from the Body Electric School. 

A fun conversation about compersion with some lovely friends

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Let’s Chat
I’d love to hear from you! If you are in search of guidance for your personal growth or spiritual journey, particularly if you are on the “embodiment” path, (read my blog post about what that means here), then let’s connect. I do provide one-on-one coaching. I also do

This link is the best way to get in touch with me - fill out this contact form - and I will get back to you as soon as I can via email. I will be delighted to hear from you!