Coaching and Individual Sessions

Coaching and Individual Sessions

After every coaching call or cuddling session, my body is relaxed, my mind is calm and my heart is full. These sensations help me to know that I am showing up in alignment with my innermost self. I have been serving people and their journeys in this way for many years now, and the magic of soulful intimacy continues to inspire wonder and gratitude for me.

As a person who has received a lot of coaching over the years as well, from many different coaches, I know that it’s important to work with the coach or guide who is gifted with the unique “superpower” that you most need for the precise place where you are on your journey.

What I bring to individual coaching sessions is my intuitive ability to support you in deepening your personal growth. We do this in a collaborative process of discerning what messages, lessons and/or wisdom that your life is offering you. Together, we use the richness of the challenges and the emotions that you are experiencing in your family, work, sex, relationship, money, and/or spiritual life (most likely all of the above) to guide you back towards remembering the truth of your innermost self. And most importantly, we identify together the most potent and often symbolic behaviors, rituals or embodied practices that would most actualize the liberation you are pursuing. I start with the deep belief that everything in life happens “for” us, not “to” us. I am here to support you when you are ready to take 100% personal responsibility for your life, your power and your feelings and embody the next version of yourself.

"I use the tools I learned from Sarah every day, I work with pleasure and eros in all my life. Sarah is an inspiration in following my own path. Taking risks and letting things land. Where our authenticity is the most precious thing we can give to the world. I think Sarah does this in spades."
"An experience like I’d never known before. Being held. Being turned on. Being scared. Being sad. Being held. Being turned on...But something deeper is happening. It’s healing. Remembering what it feels like to be truly safe in the arms of a woman. In the arms of my partner (for the agreed time). Feeling our bodies independently and together.  It was hot and blissful and sometimes challenging, but it never felt wrong. Yes, there are rational explanations for what’s happening. And there is magic too. It feels like a sacred space. A sacred space big enough and safe enough to invite in the profane."

Embodiment Coaching

The style of coaching that I practice is called “embodiment coaching” because we focus on learning to discern the sensations and feelings of your body as a source of wisdom. And because my process places so much emphasis on noticing what new behaviors, habits, rituals, prayers, beliefs or practices would best serve your embodiment journey, and your personal growth. I also work with the primal forces of eroticism and power dynamics in order to illuminate soulful patterns and truths that are arising in your life.

One of the primary tools I use is the Somatica method.

What is Somatica Coaching?
As an embodiment coach, the Somatica Method is one of the primary tools that I use when I work with clients. What makes the Somatica method unique, and also very effective, is that it is based on developing an authentic relationship together. So during our sessions, we are not only

Often, I work with clients to identify that next right step for you on your embodiment path. So there may be “homework” after our session; something for you to try, to practice, to play with, so that you can learn more about yourself and what you most need next.

My coaching is best for people who have already done some personal growth work in their lives and are ready to commit to finding their next right soulful step, using a collaborative intuitive process of inquiry and discernment.

To book a session with me, let’s start with a free 15 minute consultation to see if it feels like a good fit for both of us. I look forward to hearing more about you and your journey!

"I have so many notes that I took from our conversation! Sarah said so many things of things that gave me a deep resonance in my heart, my mind, my body and my yoni. My yoni was saying "Yes, yes, listen to her!" I appreciate Sarah's kind listening, beautiful perspective, and the clear and easeful way she communicates. I feel nourished by our connection and empowered to explore the ideas we generated together."
What’s Possible
Some stories of what’s possible from this work that I share with the world.

Couples Coaching

I work with couples on deepening intimacy and delving into conflict and repair. We work on sexual issues as well as improving communication and clearing longstanding areas of disconnection. I have enjoyed creating private, customized mini-retreats for couples, over the course of a couple of days, for those who would like to experience transformation in their relationship.

We had such a great experience working with Sarah. We have been daily practicing our appreciations and withholds and have also worked with some touch. It has been really awesome! I have deep appreciation for the power of Sarah's work and how it can transform relationships!

Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

How much does coaching cost?

My usual hourly rate is $150. There is a discount for one session for folks who are premium members of my site. Additionally, when you purchase a package of sessions, or book a personal mini-retreat with me, the hourly rate comes down to as low as $120 per hour. I am also open to sliding scale arrangements - please reach out to me if you would like to work with me so we can discuss what amount per session would work for you. 

Can working with you help me with my intimacy issues?

I only work with clients when we both feel very clear that there is a good fit and that my guidance would make a significant shift in the client’s life.


I offer both Cuddle Parties (a group experience) as well as Individual One-On-One Cuddling sessions. I have been trained as both a Cuddle Party Facilitator as well as a professional Cuddlist. Both of these experiences are completely platonic, and focus on asking for what you want and receiving nurturing touch.

For me, cuddling was a profound part of my learning about myself and intimacy because I learned about de-coupling sex and touch. My default belief was that if I was sharing touch with someone, that meant that I also was ready to engage sexually, which of course I now know is NOT AT ALL TRUE. Learning to discern what kind of touch intimacy you most need is a very important skill for experiencing more fulfillment and connection in your life, and cuddling is a great way to improve your skill and range of experiences.

Cuddling Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear for a cuddling session?

Wear comfortable clothes, like sweatpants or pajamas. Soft, stretchy fabric is usually good. You may change when you arrive at my “cuddle studio”, in the restroom.

What happens if I get turned on?

Arousal is natural and can happen. However, in a cuddling session, if arousal happens, we will change the position or the kind of touch we are sharing, since erotic touch is not part of this service. Arousal is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, we just do not encourage it or allow it to escalate in a session.

How much does cuddling cost?

My rate is $100 per hour, payable in cash or via paypal.

How do I book a session?

In order to book a session, please fill out the form on the Cuddlist website and I will be in touch with you to have an intake phone call and then to book a session after that

Any other things I should know before I arrive at a session?

I conduct sessions in Stanton, KY. I will provide directions and more details after we complete the intake process. Please do not wear any perfume, cologne, aftershave or scented product for your session. Please try to arrive as “aroma neutral” as possible.