What is Somatica Coaching?

What is Somatica Coaching?

As an embodiment coach, the Somatica Method is one of the primary tools that I use when I work with clients. What makes the Somatica method unique, and also very effective, is that it is based on developing an authentic relationship together. So during our sessions, we are not only relating to each other as a client and a practitioner, but we are also relating to each other as friends, and even lovers.

So this means that as a Somatica coach, I can show up as a consort, a girlfriend and/or a partner for you. We get to practice intimacy together. We get to play erotically together, and to experience pleasure and arousal. We get to work on the skills that are needed to become a spectacular lover. I can teach you how to touch me in a way that turns me on, how to make me melt in your arms and how to open your heart and mine. This is an unbelievably rich and intimate way to work together.

While we are exploring all of this, we work within the boundaries of the Somatica method. That means that clothes will stay on, there is no kissing on the lips, and there is no stimulation of genitals leading towards orgasm. There is also minimal communication between sessions.

In the Somatica method, I also will give you clear and kind feedback about your behavior and help you recognize your patterns and limiting beliefs. And, similarly, you get to practice giving me feedback, kindly and clearly. Feedback is a way that we both can invest in our relationship. This is another wonderful relational skill that may people do not have, and that can benefit you tremendously when it comes to cultivating the intimacy you most want in your life.

We also get to practice repair. What that means is that when there is a rupture in our relationship, we get to practice dealing with disappointment, and then leaning into the process of recovering from that disappointment together. This is an invaluable skill when it comes to maintaining long term relationships, since disappointment is an inevitable stage that every long term relationship goes through.

I love being a Somatica practitioner. I love the depths and the tenderness of intimacy. If this modality sounds right for you, please reach out to me so we can have an initial conversation.