July Members Meeting - Meet, Greet and Create

July Members Meeting - Meet, Greet and Create

Please join me on Monday for our next members meeting - Monday July 15, 2024 from 7 - 8 pm Eastern on zoom. This is an event for YOU as a member of my mailing list!

During this meeting, you'll have a chance to meet other like-minded humans who are on a similar path... folks who are drawn to embodiment, play, contemplation, intimacy and nature. And I'll share a sneak preview of my offerings for 2025 - a series of classes, retreats and gatherings - all of which will be part of my current wild vision - launching Forest Fairy Training School. Let's all learn how to play, love, be naughty and magical, like fairies!

The way I have always operated is that my ideas come through half-formed, half-baked. I almost always need collaboration partners to help me "see" the rest of the creation. It's one of my most favorite forms of intimacy - co-creating things together. So this meeting, I'll be sharing my half-birthed idea, and asking for your help to bring this thing to life the rest of the way.

I'll share a list of skills that I think Forest Fairies might need and want - and you can tell me which ones sound the most interesting and fun. Here's some examples:

  • making fairy costumes out of leaves, bark and grass
  • fairy communication - how to deliver the toughest news and have the person thank you for it
  • being consensually naughty
  • using erotic energy to access altered states of consciousness
  • start a fire using only plant materials
  • spending your life frolicking (mostly) naked in the forest
  • being shameless about the way your body looks
  • re-frame your relationship with insects so you can connect to nature more deeply
  • using an emotional GPS system to navigate the world

I'll put you into small groups to meet each other and brainstorm and then come back to the main room with suggestions and ideas.

Sound fun? I think so...

Hope to see you there!