Love Life Sharing Circle - Members Meeting - Oct 30th

Love Life Sharing Circle - Members Meeting - Oct 30th

7:00 - 8:30 pm Eastern

What can you do when your love life feels like a barren wasteland?

A few years ago, I decided to treat my love life as a spiritual practice. Because I decided that learning how to love and be loved is really important, especially if I'd like to embody more love in this world, not less.

My love life isn't just something extra that fits in amongst the other parts of my life. It's at the core of how I plan my time.

Despite this commitment, I've still been through periods where I have not had any romantic partners, and I have felt lonely and sad. What is there to do when your love life feels anemic or unfulfilling?

In this sharing circle, I'll describe four transformational practices that can nourish and transform your love life. These are all actions that you can take in your day to day life.

Then we'll have time for discussion, socializing, connection and community building. I'll open up the floor for sharing about what you are currently experiencing in your love life, as well as questions.

The beginning of this event will be recorded, so please register if you would like to get these four "tips" about how to fluff up your love life - I'll send you the recording afterwards.