Domination & Submission: Using Personal Power Dynamics to Heal the Collective

Domination & Submission: Using Personal Power Dynamics to Heal the Collective

Online Workshop - April 4, 2024

6:30 - 8:30 PM Eastern

As a collective, we are wrestling with so much pain right now - genocide, climate change, political divisiveness and despair - heart wrenching atrocity, injustice, violence and suffering.  

Who has power in the world? 

Where is my individual choice powerful enough to make a change?  

So much of this collective pain is a result of power structures that are built on non-consensual domination. We often continue to accept this dynamic of non-consensual domination, both in conscious and unconscious ways. We perpetuate this dynamic by unconsciously replicating non-consensual domination in our intimate relationships, families and communities.

How do we shift these patterns? 

Allowing ourselves to heal our relationship with Power itself - starting with our own Power dynamics.

Join Xilverfox and Sarah Belzile for a two hour exploration of your relationship to power - a modality that we call “Conscious Kink”. Conscious Kink gives us the option to experience consensual domination. During this workshop, you’ll be invited to meet your  “Inner Dom” and “Inner Sub”, and to establish a new level of genuine internal consent with these two archetypal aspects of yourself. 

When we bring consciousness to unconscious behaviors and patterns, we are alchemizing the collective relationship to Power itself. We believe that this has value on a cosmic level. Furthermore, this transformation results in more clarity, agency, pleasure and fulfillment in our daily personal lives.  

This workshop is designed to be a bite-sized morsel of what we’ll be offering at our upcoming 3-day retreat in May, The Pleasure of Conscious Kink. At the end of this workshop, we’ll share a special gift as well as the details about our early bird registration, which will expire the following day. 

This workshop will best be experienced if you are not multi-tasking or driving, as there will be exercises that will be done with a partner. You do not need to register with a partner, but we are able to accommodate those who register together and would also like to practice together. 

Regular Ticket: $45

Early Bird Ticket: $35 - Available until March 28th at 11:55pm!

Special Offer: FREE - if you register for the Conscious Kink event.

What you can learn

  • What is Conscious Kink and how might it benefit you?
  • How can learning nerdy concepts of power and social structures actually make your life more SEXY??
  • How did Xilverfox surrender how own inner shadows while working as a Dominatrix?

Benefits of Conscious Kink

  • Learn a modality for transforming limiting beliefs into superpowers
  • Heal trauma and unwind unconscious patterns
  • Learn how to wield your power more consciously and intentionally
  • Experience greater peace of mind and attunement in relationships and leadership

Who is this workshop for

Folks of all genders and sexual preferences who are kink-curious. No previous kink experience is necessary, only a willingness to explore and to show up fully for yourself, with an open-mind and heart.

Additionally, this workshop will be great for folks who have some kink experience and are curious about the more spiritual and transformational aspects of kink play.

Folks who are prepared to uphold and embody high levels of respect and consent. This work can bring up a lot of feelings and intensity. While this work can be deeply healing for those who have experienced non-consensual domination and other forms of sexual abuse, this workshop may not be appropriate for those who are in an acute state of recovering from sexual trauma. If you are unsure about this, please reach out to us directly to have a conversation about if this would be a supportive experience for you.

From Previous Participants at a Conscious Kink retreat:

I have never left a workshop feeling like I actually belonged with the family we created together. There isn't any one element that made it happen--it was a result of everything and everyone coming together in the perfect way, as exactly who they were, everyone surrendered to the principles and guidelines established, and supported so beautifully by the brilliance, skill, and heartful, soulful presences of Sarah, Mana, and Garrell. Thank you for everything!
Thank you. Everyone was so present and so alive to the deep and healing potential of this work. It made it a life-transforming experience.
In one sense, there is no such thing as kink :) There is only human experience, and 'kinky' is one way of conceptualizing it. That kink scenarios can be deep drama therapy, that impact play is bodywork, and that Conscious Kink is a healing modality and soul retrieval practice. I am still in awe.
The facilitators are very experienced and make a very comfortable container !

What’s possible

  • Identify and integrate previously disowned aspects of yourself
  • Learn new practices and techniques for connecting more deeply with yourself and others
  • Release shame and limiting beliefs around your sexuality
  • Freedom to try new things in a supportive environment
  • Grace around communicating your deep desires and boundaries
  • Allowing the blessings of humor and joy to guide you through the process

What to expect

  • The opportunity to play in a expertly held permission field of acceptance and erotic kindness
  • Encountering like-minded explorers
  • Integrate the support of the conscious kink community
  • Clearly guided and structured exercises and practices to enable you to explore and discover
  • A sense of playfulness and innocence
  • The practice of consent throughout the experience

Workshop boundaries

  • This will be a clothes-on experience.