Shadow Work Discussion - June Members Event

Shadow Work Discussion - June Members Event

Thursday June 15th

7 - 8:30 PM Eastern

Join me, Sarah Belzile and my friend Cas Smith for a provocative discussion about what we’re calling the Inner Transgressor - the part of us that thrives on crossing boundaries, both consciously and unconsciously. The format for the event will be a discussion between Cas and me about how we both have come to relate to this inner archetype, as well as why we feel that this work may be key to healing humanity’s victim/abuser dynamic. We’ll unpack both the harm and gifts implicit in this aspect of the psyche. Following the discussion, there will be an opportunity for questions and further engagement about this topic.

We decided to host this discussion because working with the Inner Transgressor has been a big part of our inner work in recent years, and it came to my attention that Cas has some beautiful insights and wisdom to share. Cas is an amateur master of awkwardness, spiritual teaching and has logged well over 1000 hours on Skyrim.

This topic is potentially uncomfortable and destabilizing. We will have an emotional support volunteer at the gathering in the case that you need a listening ear for empathy. As always, we recommend taking proactive steps to care for yourself. This may include arranging for emotional support from friends or loved ones after this discussion, especially if you are on a healing journey with the abuser/victim dynamic.

This event will be recorded, so please sign up even if you can't attend in real time. I'll send you the recording.

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