A repair request re: non-consensual nude pics

A repair request re: non-consensual nude pics

On April 7th, I sent out an email to you about my "Tiny House" - it included some mostly nude pictures of me - by accident. My intention was only to send these pics to the paid members - those have thereby consented to receiving emails like this from me. I failed to double check one of the settings on the post/email and it went out to the entire list - with the nude pics.

Every time I think about this, I feel sad because the practice of consent is really important to me and this action doesn't live up to my own standards. My intention with this email is to apologize and to let you know that it is my intention for this not to happen again in the future. I feel sad about any loss of trust that may have happened as a result of this misstep on my part.

I am hoping that sending this follow up email functions as a "repair". If you have any thoughts or feelings about this that you would like to share, I am always open to hear them.

Thank you for your patience, grace and support. I wouldn't still be here, doing this work, without the amazing community support that I receive daily.


Sarah B.