Almost Naked Rat Hunting

Almost Naked Rat Hunting

So last Thursday I brought a live rat home for Goldie, my ball python. The problem was that she didn't want it for some reason. I put the rat in the container with Goldie and rather than striking at the rat, she just hid her face - apparently she wasn't hungry. Ugh.

This created a problem since I am not really prepared to have a pet rat. I was also in the midst of getting ready for the Women Naked In The Woods Retreat this past weekend, so I just gave the rat a few pieces of dry dog food and a little tray of water and set it aside in a cardboard box, figuring that in a few days, Goldie would likely be ready to have a meal. I kept the rat in the box the first night, in my room, but it made some noises that kept me awake. So the next night, I moved it to the laundry room. The next day, Saturday, I went to check on the rat, in its card board box, and discovered that it was gone.

OF COURSE it had escaped! I knew better. Once my friends pet rat made quick work of a puffy coat of mine, so of course I knew that a rat can also chew its way through a cardboard box quite quickly. What was I thinking???

I didn't EXACTLY do this on purpose. But I do love rats (they are so smart and cute) and I have to admit there is something kind of fun about this hide and seek game that I am now playing...

I soon realized that the rat had made its way to the nearby storage closet - full of all kinds of boxes, tools, wrapping paper, etc. I could hear it crawling around in there. So I took most of the stuff out of the closet - you'll see it in the video below, all stacked up in the hallway.

I almost caught it in the closet. I had it in the plastic container but I couldn't get the lid on fast enough and it escaped again. And then I lost track of it again.

I'm doing all of this mostly naked. I have really spent most of the month of June unclothed, and I have no desire to put clothes back on! I've hosted or participated in five events this month, all of which have involved nudity. Here's a summary of what June has held for me:

  • June 2: Natural Attraction (An Eco-Erotic Mini Retreat at Dancing Shiva)
  • June 6-9: Touching the Pulse of God (A cock workshop for those who love them)
  • June 13-16: Celebrating the Body Erotic for All Genders in Toronto
  • June 19-24: A Friends SkyClad Lake Vacation in the Nantahala Forest of North Carolina
  • June 28-30: Women Naked in the Woods

The only days I have worn clothes this month are the travel days in between these events!!

Ok so back to our story - I'm just wearing my undies, searching for this rat, going from the storage closet to the laundry room and back again. Alice took a video of me in the rat hunting process. My friend DJ took the photos. Thanks to both of them!

The rat has still not been located. I think I'm going to go to the hardware store and get a live trap for it. I could just set Goldie loose in the area, but then how would I know if she got the rat or not?

Video and photos below for premium members. Pretty good for some giggles. Allison was cracking me up with her videography. 🤣