August Members Meeting - Building Charisma Skills

August Members Meeting - Building Charisma Skills

Pic from the cuddle party at Goddexx Initiative! Thanks to the folks who agreed to let me take their picture and use it!

Wednesday August 30, 2023 - 6:30 - 8:30 PM Eastern (free, online)

Do you like to learn new skills?
I sure do!!
And I like to teach them! I love watching people become more skillful in how they relate to one another and themselves, it's what makes my work so fulfilling.

During this monthly members gathering, we'll take a gentle and thorough walk through seven key skills that build charisma, personal magnetism, and our capacity for intimacy and spiritual fulfillment. For each skill, I'll describe what it looks like in real life, and what it doesn't look like. Then, you'll be given the opportunity to assess, gently and compassionately, where you are with that particular skill. Is it something you are already good at or something you'd like to learn? And then, we'll identify which of these seven skills you would most benefit from working on presently. Then we'll have a group discussion about practices that would be supportive.

I want to live in a world where folks are truly empowered to create the kinds of connections, relationships and love that they really want in their lives.

Also, I love to be around charismatic people. When I was running my coffee company (a lifetime ago), I would always hire the baristas who were the most "sparkly" - meaning they were charming, kind, intelligent, shiny people.... they had charisma.

Yes, some folks are born with more charisma than others. But charisma can be learned.

charisma: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others

The skills that make a person charismatic are the same skills that make for good lovers. They are also skills that have spiritual value because they inherently result in the subconscious becoming more conscious.

Here's the skills we'll be describing and assessing:

🌿 Self-attunement

🌿 Owning your triggers

🌿 Embracing awkwardness

🌿 Receiving

🌿 Playfulness

🌿 Asking for what you want

🌿 Consent

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I hope to see you there!

Premium members who attend this session can also sign up for a complementary 30 minute personalized coaching session with me, during which we can develop an individualized practice plan for you.