Building Erotic Community

Building Erotic Community

July 21-25

Dancing Shiva Tantra Ashram - Black Mountain, NC

Let's create the world that we want to live in!

I am thrilled to be participating in and contributing to the space-holding for this upcoming event with my beautiful friend Lee Warren. I am looking forward to meeting Robert Silber, who will be traveling from Hawaii to create this event.

Erotic community is something that I have been cultivating for many years, and it feels like it is really happening in real life, right now!!

This event is not for folks who are beginners on the erotic journey.

Building Erotic Community - Reclaiming Wisdom
Featuring Robert Silber Building Erotic Community —A Participatory, Peer-led Learning & Play Event Workshops, Play Parties, Community Building, Camp Out….Come for all 5 days or Pick & Choose Days. Do you dream of a group of intimates and peers who practice together? A consistent, reliable, and safe…