Celebrating the Body Erotic Workshop - for Women

Celebrating the Body Erotic Workshop - for Women

June 30 - July 2, 2023

Charlotte, NC

It is such an honor to be facilitating this "Women's Temple" experience this summer. This was the workshop that started my entire embodiment journey! I am honored to have the privilege to be sharing it with you.

This workshop is for all women, including trans, cis, genderqueer, and non-binary folks who feel a sense of belonging in women’s space.

Discover who you really are and what your body longs for during this weekend transformational workshop.

Be surprised about how much joy and pleasure can be unlocked when we cast aside shame and fear.

This workshop begins on Friday night with an opening circle where we set agreements and begin to get to know one another, through brief one-on-one exercises, using movement, verbal shares, breathwork and touch.

Then on Saturday, the day starts with movement and breathwork. Then there will be exercises to help you connect with the three centers of erotic autonomy: the heart, the genitals and the mind, and invite them into a conversation with one another. Also on Saturday, we do a beautiful disrobing ritual where you may choose to remove some or all of your clothing. This workshop does invite nudity, so please consider if you are willing to witness the nudity of others before you register. The rest of Saturday's work includes a meditation on your relationship with your body, as well as a self-touch exercise.

On Sunday you will be invited into an intimate touch exchange exercise, where you will have the opportunity to practice receiving touch, giving instructions for how you would like to be touched, and much more. Then we'll have a completion circle and you will begin your journey to integrate the wisdom and teachings from this experience.

What's Possible

  • You will learn to be very clear about what you want and what you don't want without apology or shame.
  • You will discover what your own unique desire looks like.
  • You will open to radical new possibilities of pleasure and intimacy.

What to Expect

  • You will find out what it feels like to claim your embodied experience as sacred and to say, "My body is for me, my sexuality is mine to define and my pleasure is mine!"
  • You will connect with a community that is deeply and bravely committed to transformation, joy, and aliveness.
  • You can expect to join a brave group of seekers as we enter into an expertly guided experience of reclaiming our bodies and our erotic experiences.