Earthly Desire: An Eco Erotic Nature Retreat

Earthly Desire: An Eco Erotic Nature Retreat

Sierra Waters Homestead - Nevada City, CA

Friday Sept 27 4:00 pm - Sunday Sept 29 4:00 pm

Through the intimacy of belonging to the Earth, you may commune with your innermost voice, the voice of your true nature. 

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the depth of the abundance of what is possible for us in this lifetime, on this planet.

When was the last time you knew, in your bones, a deep sense of inner peace?

When was the last time that you truly believed that there is more than enough to go around? That your needs can and will be met, and that there is no need to fight or struggle to prove yourself in this world?

When was the last time that you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are worthy, attractive and deserving of the love and intimacy that is your birthright?

When was the last time that you felt really held by a community, that you felt a sense of inherent belonging?

Maybe this felt sense of abundance, community and deep connection has been eluding you for years, or even a lifetime. 


Dear One, this retreat is a remembering.

Through the intimacy of belonging to the Earth, you may commune with your innermost voice, the voice of your true nature. Eros is the Earth’s natural way of expressing herself. As we remember ourselves in Nature and connect with Eros within and without, we attune to the fabric of Life and reweave community.


Nestled in the picturesque foothills of the Sierra Nevada, we welcome you to join us at this private retreat location just outside Nevada City, California, for three days of transformative play and nature connection. 

During our time together, we will set clear and consensual boundaries using our grown-up hearts and minds, and then we will play like children. You will be invited to create an erotic nature altar at a special place on the land, which might feel like building a fort in the woods with your friends. Reconnect with a sense of erotic innocence and plentitude as you pluck fruit from the orchard, have your skin grazed with a dew-covered manzanita, slip your feet into the cool water of the creek, or your face is sweetly caressed by a loving hand. 

Throughout our time together, you will be expertly guided through carefully curated exercises, discussions and practices to foster self-acceptance and empower you to let go of societal conditioning and internalized shame. 

Imagine beginning your day by taking time to notice the sunlight filtering through the trees, the sounds of bird calls and the burble of the nearby sparkling stream. Each morning, we’ll offer an optional movement practice and a freshly cooked breakfast before our circle time begins at 10 am. Saturday’s circle time will focus on exercises to strengthen your ability to attune to your innermost voice. There will be partnered and solo activities, as well as group guidance and sharing.

On Sunday, you’ll be invited to step through a portal into a personal nature sadhana (or spiritual practice) and prepare yourself to receive wisdom directly from the Earth and her mysteries. 

What to Expect

  • Carefully curated and structured activities and exercises designed to create a sense of safety for exploration, play and discovery
  • Six fresh meals prepared on site with love (we can accommodate most dietary practices) - Dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday
  • Camping accommodations included with registration (bring your own tent or camper)
  • For folks flying for this retreat, we do have some loaner camping gear - please let us know if that would be helpful.
  • Option to stay nearby at the Outside Inn (10 minute drive) or glamp at the Inn Town Campground (15 minute drive). Our preference is for folks to stay on site, however, we are offering a discounted retreat tuition available for those staying off premises

What’s Possible

  • Release shame about your desires, your sexuality and your erotic expression
  • Find deep connection with other humans on a similar journey
  • Receive insights and spiritual guidance directly from the wisdom of the Earth

Additional Options to customize your experience

  • Option to stay for an extra day before and/or after the event to sink into your connection to the wisdom of the land. Please arrange this directly with our host, Loren, by contacting her through her hipcamp listing.
  • On Monday Sept 30, we are offering an optional Integration Package. Enjoy a leisurely morning at the homestead followed by a group coaching and integration circle with Sarah & Loren. After lunch, we'll take a trip to the gorgeous South Fork of the Yuba River, play in the water and bask in the afterglow of the retreat. Accommodation for both Sunday and Monday night, light breakfast, lunch snacks, group facilitation and the group excursion to the River is included in the package.

Who is this event for?

  • People of all genders and sexual preferences
  • People who love nature and are comfortable outdoors
  • People who have done some personal growth work and are ready to deepen in their journey to intimacy
  • Contemplative souls who are beginning an erotic exploration

This retreat is a sober space. We are not exploring the use of plant medicine or other mood altering substances at this particular retreat; we are instead cultivating attunement of our nervous systems to a personal portal of connection to the abundance of nature. 

  • Are in an acute phase of trauma expression and who are not able to self-regulate
  • Need to be indoors in order to feel comfortable
  • Are not willing to witness nudity
  • Are not open to all the gender expressions of humanity
  • People with mobility challenges - it's necessary to be able to walk on uneven ground and ascend staircases
  • Need to smoke (no open flames are permitted on the property due to extreme fire hazard conditions in Northern California)

About the land & venue

  • Ancestral lands of Nisenan and Maidu
  • 85 acres bordering the Deer Creek to our south and the Newtown Canal on the north - the surrounding hills are forested with Ponderosa Pine, various oak species, manzanita and Doug fir – with a fruit orchard near the entrance to the camping area
  • Natural fresh water pond for swimming and lounging
  • Hot tub (on the upper deck at the house)
  • Community firepit
  • One hour from Lake Tahoe
  • Three hours from Oakland & San Francisco
  • Four hours from Mount Shasta
  • One and a half hours from Sacramento Airport
  • Short 15 minute drive to the gorgeous South Fork of the Yuba River with its beautiful green pools and great animal-shaped white granite boulders and sweet cascades - a day swimming up through the pools and cascades is a water-nymph, fairie experience
  • On site trails 
  • Access to the Tribute Trail right on the property - a three and a half mile trail along the Newtown Canal that goes into Nevada City
  • Great hiking, biking and swimming opportunities abound in the surrounding Sierra Nevada Foothills. Nevada City has great restaurants, bars, music and theater, as well as shopping and art galleries

Camping Accommodations

  • Tent platforms
  • Bathhouse with flush toilets, hot water shower and changing room
  • Wifi
  • Electrical outlets for charging devices
  • Flat RV or camper parking sites
  • Picnic tables for food preparation (for before or after the retreat)

Meet your hosts!

Loren Swift and Scott Merritt, the owners of this beautiful land. Learn more about this magical spot on HipCamp. Consider coming early or staying late and enjoy the many things this beautiful region has to offer.

Worktrade Opportunities & Scholarships

There are three worktrade positions available for this retreat. Please find the application for these positions here.

If you would like to attend this retreat, but are deterred by the financial investment requested, please fill out this form and request a scholarship.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for this retreat is a full refund minus 10% if cancelled on or before August 27th. We will issue a 50% refund for cancellations on or before September 19th. There are no refunds within a week of the event.


Will I fit in? Will it be socially awkward? What if I am coming alone?

The flow of this event is designed to minimize social awkwardness and to create a sense of belonging for all participants. A few ways that we do that is by providing ice breaker exercises, conversation prompts and structured connection activities, especially at the beginning of the retreat. As for concerns about registering solo, this experience is more geared towards solo participants, since we will be focusing on your personal connection to nature and to yourself.

How spicy will this get?

Nudity will be welcome and celebrated at this event, but it will not be required. In order to attend, you'll need to be willing to witness the nudity of others. As far as the level of erotic intensity that we generate together, we will primarily be focusing on the experience of your own erotic energy, and using that arousal as a way to connect more deeply with nature. This workshop is about using nature and pleasure as a way to "get high on your own supply" (of natural endorphins, deep longing, and heart connection). There will be group touch and connection exercises geared towards creating a field of collective turn-on. These exercises will NOT involve genital touch. Consent will be emphasized throughout the weekend and a variety of ways to participate in each exercise will be offered.