What does “embodiment” mean? And why is it important?

For me, embodiment means the process of allowing the Divine Soul to fully occupy the body. It means truly befriending the body, releasing shame and other limiting trauma and programming that keeps us from embodying our true natures and our fullest potential as human beings. Embodiment is the work that I do, professionally and personally, every day.

Embodiment & Eroticism

One of my favorite questions is “How am I embodying the liberation I am pursuing?”

One powerful way that we can embody our liberated selves is when we can show up in our erotic fullness and authenticity. When we can really own our sensual and sexual desires and share them with others, this is an outcome of embodiment work.

Additionally, if we turn towards our sex lives, and carefully and compassionately examine our patterns and behaviors, we can learn so much about ourselves. Eroticism shines light on our shadows, fears, hopes, dreams, aspirations, gifts and kinks.

This is why I work with eroticism as a portal for personal and spiritual growth and learning.

Yoga & Tantra

I got my yoga teacher training certification with Akhanda Yoga in Rishikesh, India. I love teaching this style of yoga because every class includes sound work, breath work, asana (postures), meditation and a spiritual theme of some kind. These five elements provide a very complete path back to wholeness. For me, yoga is an integral part of the embodiment path because it gives us the technology to take care of our bodies and our spirits, which enables us to listen more effectively to the inner voice of the soul.

Because I do so much work with erotic energy as a portal for transformation and healing, tantra is actually the spiritual tradition that aligns more closely with my work. I have studied with the Awaken As Love School of Tantric Facilitation, as well as several other tantric teachers and mentors. I am on the faculty of The Body Electric School, which I affectionately refer to as a "secular" tantra school.

Yoga and tantra provide many tools and techniques for helping us to "fall in love with the subtle", and to learn to listen to the wisdom of the body. How can the wisdom and practices of these traditions help each of us to achieve our fullest potential in this lifetime? How can they help us to surrender to the implicit wisdom of our Divine Souls?

Click here to find out more about where I am teaching and sharing these days.

I also founded a yogic community here, the Red River Gorge Play Ashram. I have recently stepped back from my leadership role in this community, but I still support and love the work that they do at the ashram.


One of my superpowers is guiding people to identify new behaviors and create rituals that will integrate emerging aspects of themselves. The way a typical session works is that we spend the majority of our time delving into the dynamics of your current dilemma, situation and/or feelings. Then we transition into discerning actions you can take that will function like embodied medicine to shift your relationship with the issues that you have been experiencing. I use shadow work, parts work, somatic and intuitive guidance to serve your process. I love working with people who are ready to really up-level their lives. Here’s how to get in touch with me.


EcoEroticism is the practice of combining our inherent love of and attraction to nature with our sense of pleasure and arousal, for the purpose of experiencing a profound connection to ourselves and the divine. It’s a form of mysticism that supports the embodiment journey. Here’s a blog I wrote about one of my most transformational eco-erotic practices. I host eco-erotic retreats, and can also offer eco-erotic coaching, individually.


Cuddling is a completely platonic (non-sexual) experience of touch-based intimacy. Cuddling has been a huge part of my embodiment journy. When I realized that sex and touch do not have to go together, I discovered that I could enjoy much more meaningful and connected intimacy with others. I am a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator as well as a Professional Cuddlist, which means that I do one-on-one cuddling sessions. If you’re interested in a cuddling session, it’s best to initiate contact through the Cuddlist website intake process.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance sounds a lot more wild than it actually needs to. Ecstatic Dance is what you used to do in your bedroom by yourself when you were a kid. It’s simply moving to music without a plan or a partner. Very simple and also very powerful and healing. I use this practice a lot in my teaching, and we host ecstatic dance sessions quite often at the Red River Gorge Play Ashram sessions.

Power Dynamics

Power dynamics play is an aspect of kink and erotic play that has had a profound effect on my life. I have always taken on leadership roles in life, and when I discovered power dynamics play, I realized that I could be more “at choice” about what power role I play, and what power role someone else plays. I don’t HAVE to lead if I don’t want to. For almost a year, I was in a romantic relationship with a man who played the “Dom” role, so that I could be the “sub”. This was tremendously fascinating and healing for me. And erotically, I would rather NOT be the leader most of the time. If this is an area of exploration that interests you, I would love to provide resources and/or coaching. I have been blessed to have studied with Om Rupani in this realm. Also, please visit my erotic playground page for some fun power dynamics play practices. (You will need to sign up for my mailing list to get the password, however).