From the shower to the forest

From the shower to the forest

I am waiting for my car to be out of the shop so that I can get in the car and drive to Asheville for the Pleasure of Conscious Kink Retreat that starts tomorrow... I am nervous, excited and anxious. My brain doesn't feel like it's functioning normally. My car was supposed to be done over an hour ago, and I was nervous even before this delay. The time period immediately before I leave town for a big event like this is often crazy-making for me.

The notion of "control" is such a mirage.

What to do while waiting? I could try to calm myself down or I could just enjoy the activated state of my nervous system.

I took a shower. Then decided to go play naked in the forest for a few minutes. I was thinking of your eyes on me as I used the camera to capture a few different feelings, angles and the way the light came through the trees.

I know it's all gonna be fine. Car will be ready when it's ready. This is sacred work that we are doing, at this retreat. Last year's event was incredibly successful.

Can you feel ​my nervous excitement as you look at these photos?