Embody Your Soul - Online Group Coaching Program

Embody Your Soul - Online Group Coaching Program

photo by Piotr Wesolowski @chwila.mi
  • Are you stuck repeating the same patterns?
  • Is it difficult to ask for what you want?
  • Are interested in making your intimate life more sacred and meaningful?

If you're ready to turn inwards and discover new parts of yourself, welcome to the "embodiment" path, the journey of tuning into the wisdom of the body as a window to the soul.

Together, we will learn new skills to connect more deeply.

This path can feel very nebulous, since it does look different for each person. One person's version of an accepting, loving relationship with the body, including their sexuality, will look completely different from anothers. Only you can be the authority on your path, and yet there are very measurable and observable skills that will support you in becoming the most fully realized version of your soul. During this two month program, we'll outline seven different skills for embodying your soul - skills for improving intimacy with yourself and others.

Dates & Time

March 22 - May 17, 2023

Wednesdays from 7-9 pm Eastern (no meeting May 3rd)

Program Includes

  • Initial introspective self inventory - identifying your starting point with each of the skills we'll be working on
  • 8 group sessions + 1 personal coaching session with Sarah
  • Weekly buddy calls
  • Intimate group size (fewer than 10 people)
  • Includes a year of Playground membership
  • $600 / $525 for current members

What can you expect?

  • Feel supported and empowered to approach yourself and others with more compassion and acceptance.
  • Each session will have an embodied practice that you can take back into your life to practice.
  • An opportunity to be coached by Sarah in the group setting and to receive a personalized practice for alchemizing your transformational journey.
  • Glean wisdom and benefits from witnessing the process of others who are struggling with similar issues.
  • Confront your shadows and limiting beliefs.
  • Feel challenged and inspired.

What's possible?

Release shame, get clearer about where your learning edge is, gain practices to support you in becoming more yourself, connect more deeply with partners, make friends with your body and learn its language, find more self-compassion and acceptance, and learn to more fully embody your soul, your true nature.

How to enroll

Applications open now.

Make a deposit of $100 to reserve your spot after your application is accepted (we will send you a payment request). Balance due before the start of the program.

Program Outline

Pre-work: Introspective self inventory - noticing your starting point when it comes to embodiment skills

Week One: Self attunement while in connection with another person

  • What is attunement?
  • What does it feel like to "be in your body" and why it matters - in sex and in life

Week Two: Embodying consent culture

  • Learning what a "yes", "no" and "maybe" feel like in your body
  • Practicing saying and hearing "no"

Week Three: Asking for what you want

  • What prevents you from asking for what you want?
  • What about if you don't know what you want?

Week Four: Receiving pleasure

  • The most spiritual skill of all - receiving
  • The toxic mimic of receiving - endurance
  • Softening the blocks

Week Five: Owning your triggers and shadows

  • Deconstructing defensiveness - nothing is personal
  • Shadow Work 101

Week Six: Shifting from awkwardness to grace

  • Why embrace awkwardness? (We'll discuss why it's a spiritual practice)
  • What does it take to alchemize awkwardness into grace?

Week Seven: Playfulness

  • What's your relationship to play?
  • How can play alchemize this whole journey for you?

Week Eight: Harvest and celebration

  • Celebrate new skills and learnings
  • Completion rituals


Who is this program for?

Courageous explorers who would benefit from skilled guidance and support in identifying their learning edges. Folks who are learners and who make a habit of taking complete responsibility for their experiences. This is a program for those who may have some experience on the embodiment path already, and would like to focus on the skills that lead to greater authenticity, personal magnetism and fulfillment.

Who is this program not for?

People who are not willing to be vulnerable in the presence of a supportive community. This is a group coaching program, so each participant will have the opportunity to be coached in a group setting. Also if you have acute trauma and are in need of immediate psychological care, this program is not designed for you.

What if I can't make one of the sessions?

The sessions will be recorded, so you can listen to the recording afterwards, but we strongly encourage you to attend in real time.

How much homework will there be in between sessions?

You will need to meet with your buddy for that week for about an hour practice session, and to set aside about 30 minutes each day for practice/journaling/reflection.