Healing with Exhibitionism

Healing with Exhibitionism

An artsy shot from an enthusiastic supporter, featuring feet, legs, ass... mmmm....

Befriending my inner exhibitionist has been a journey. I was quite nervous when I pulled down my shorts in the parking lot at my first visit to a nudist resort... even though I had already been to several clothing optional retreats. It was so worth it, though! By the end of the weekend I felt so gleefully liberated. Being naked in front of other people can be a deeply healing experience, and certainly has been for me.

Being attractive has very little to do with the shape of your body. What makes a person attractive is how they LIVE IN their body. Self acceptance and self love is sexy!  

As a result of my recent invitation to you to unveil your inner exhibitionist, I found out that quite a few of you really loved the idea of showing yourselves off on here! And some of you were passionate enough about it to send me some pictures, I was so thrilled as each picture hit my inbox.

Here's an open invitation to send me YOUR picture to add to this gallery. Look how hot you all are! This is a place to deshamify the part of you that wants to be adored. You deserve loving attention!

If you would like to add your image to our gallery, email me at sarah@sarahbelzile.com and include a clear statement giving me permission to post your image here.

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