Inner Child Play - Tea Time with Imaginary Friends

Inner Child Play - Tea Time with Imaginary Friends

Sitting in my brown arm chair in my bedroom, having tea with friends

I was inspired by a play party that I just hosted during which we did some really tender inner child work. To follow up on that, I had a little tea party today with some imaginary friends.

Most of us have neglected inner children - the part of us that likes to throw a tantrum or act out when they don't get their way. Proactively connecting with the inner child can help to create a sense of secure attachment within oneself. Working with your inner child like this can also engender an organic sense of innocence and authenticity... which are essential for intimacy and fulfilling connections.

Even though I am wearing clothes (pretty much) in this video, it actually feels more vulnerable than other videos where I'm naked! That's how tender it is to show up as our inner child, and to let this innocent and naive part of ourselves be seen.

I hope that this inspires you to do something whimsical and fun with your inner child today, even if it's just giving them a hug. Love you!