Introduction to Ecosexuality at Firefly Gathering

Introduction to Ecosexuality at Firefly Gathering

June 23, 2023

Deerfields - Mills River, NC

I'm so thrilled to be offering a class on Introduction to Ecosexuality at the Firefly Gathering again this year! This festival feels like a pilgrimage to me - a pilgrimage back to myself, to the Earth, to the person I am most meant to be on this planet. I would so love it if so many of you could join me at this year's festival! Come learn all the nerdy skills about how to really get intimate with our planet. Last year I learned how to start a fire using only plant materials, how to weave a basket and a hat out of kudzu vine and how to carve a wooden spoon, among many other things. You can see the complete line up of classes here. My class will be offered Friday afternoon, June 23rd in the afternoon.

Also, I am hoping to host a "Cuddle and Play Time" session during one of the evenings of the gathering.

There is a part of the property - the lake - that is clothing optional, so it's a wonderful chance to hang out "sky clad" if you like.

Please note, there is no cell service available at the festival, so if you do come, you'll need to plan to be off the grid for the duration.

Hope to see you there!