Let Your Soul Be Seen

Let Your Soul Be Seen

Photo by Maja Willow Linden

Have you ever had a lover tell you exactly what they want, and then allow you the pleasure of giving it to them? Or have you ever been that lover?

Have you ever made a prayer to the universe or a heartfelt desire, and then had your prayer answered? Have you ever been able to make someone else’s wish come true?

Asking for what you want, expressing your desires, making clear requests, owning your kinks - this set of nested skills is one of the key skills sets for self actualization and embodiment. This set of skills is the spark that initiates so much in the world. Expressing desire is both a practical, social skill and it’s a skill with deep spiritual value.

Clear expression of a desire is a way of letting your soul be seen. Our deepest desires spring from the universal well of creative life force energy.  Summoning the necessary courage and awareness to express what is at our very core is a radical act of love. So often, this kind of expression requires vulnerability. The more vulnerable the expression, the more confident you can be that you're sharing an aspect of your soul. And the more supportive it can feel to have some framing and instruction about how to do this skillfully. Vulnerability doesn't have to hurt.

As we become more skillful at expressing our desires, the more our souls sing with clarity, grace and fulfillment. We gradually embody a higher frequency, more and more subtle forms of love. We learn to trust the universe more, and the universe begins to trust us back.

For example, right now… I’m making this post because I want to grow my influence in this world. I want to share the joy, liberation and inner peace that I experience daily. I want you to feel the satisfaction and peace that is comes with living your best life. I want to learn by teaching. I want company on this journey: it’s more fun that way. I want to continue to connect with the Soul Family of folks who resonate with this particular path I am on, the path of embodying my Divine Soul as fully as possible in this lifetime.

And specifically, I want you to join me on December 17th for an online event I am hosting - Soul Family Learn & Mingle.

At this event, I’ll be sharing an overview of seven different skills, like this one that I’m writing about now - why they are important, both socially and spiritually - and how you can practice and hone them. Then we'll have some time for socializing and getting to know one another, weaving community together.

This is a choose your-own-ticket-price event. However the event is completely free for paid members of my website. Members will receive the zoom link and details automatically.

This event will be educational as well as inspirational. I want all of us to walk away with a clearer sense of how to walk with more light in the world and a deeper sense of self acceptance and love.

Photo by the very talented Maja Willow Linden, please visit her website!