March Event - Online - Touching the Mystery

March Event - Online - Touching the Mystery

An Introductory Experience of Transpersonal Eroticism

Monday, March 18, 2024

7 - 9:30 pm Eastern

What does true freedom taste like?
What happens when we create a temporary community rooted in connection, a sense of safety, permission to be authentically erotic, pleasure, playfulness and consent?
What does it feel like to tap into the mystery of collective eroticism?
What does it feel like to release shame and to regain a sense of agency over your love life and your erotic identity?
How might an experience of "transpersonal eroticism" benefit you? And what is "transpersonal eroticism" anyway? Is this a real thing or is this just a woo-woo phrase?

If you're curious about expanding your understanding of sexuality, feeling more comfortable and free in your body, and finding a welcoming community, please join us for this online event.

During our two and a half hours together, you will be invited into an intentionally curated series of structured exercises designed to create a feeling of collective connection and freedom. There will be self touch, movement, breath work, group sharing and paired shares (meaning that you are sharing with one other person). You will have the opportunity to receive the attention and kindness of the group, and to give support and kindness in return.

The event will be guided by Sarah Belzile, with additional support from team members. It will not be recorded, please plan to attend on the date and time that it is being offered.

$45 / $35 Earlybird / $20 Members


Will there be nudity?

Nudity from the waist up will be invited at this event, but not necessary.

What can I expect from this event?

You can expect to be invited to explore your edges, to express yourself, to connect with others, and to learn about yourself as an erotic being.

Who is this event for?

This event is designed for spiritual seekers who are curious about applying spiritual wisdom to sex. It's for people who have been on a personal growth path for a while and who are ready to delve into the mysterious realm of eroticism. It's for people over the age of 18, of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, races and abilities. It's for folks who want to heal their relationship with their sexuality and discover new aspects of themselves.

Who is this event NOT for?

This event is not appropriate for folks who are in the acute stages of healing from sexual trauma. This event is not therapy. Emotional support will be available, but if you think this event may be triggering for you, we advise arranging for additional support for yourself. Sarah is available for additional support and coaching as a follow up to the event, at her regular hourly rate. You can get on her calendar here.

Will I be asked to name my pronouns?

We will invite people to add their pronouns to their screen names but this will not be required.

How sexy will this get? After all it's just an online event!

Oh things can get pretty steamy online! That being said, the level of intensity of the event really depends on the group itself - how brave people are - how willing to be vulnerable - and how people click together.

What other questions do you have? Feel free to reach out to us here.