May Members Gathering - Online Play Party

May Members Gathering - Online Play Party

Tuesday May 23rd

7:30 to 9 pm Eastern

Free for Members

I can't wait to hang out with you all again, it has been too long!

Come play with me!

This month's gathering is again going to focus on PLAY, since play is first of all so much fun, and also is such an important skill when it comes to embodiment, eroticism, healing and self -realization.

If play feels edgy or uncomfortable for you, I encourage you to lean into this, and consider joining us anyway. I'll be consciously aware of making this experience a safe place for learning and exploration. The first way I do that is by introducing a bit of structure, in the form of an agenda and some community agreements, probably right after we do a short embodiment practice together (which I will guide). This may involve dancing.

NOTE: NUDITY WILL BE ALLOWED AT THIS PARTY. So by attending, please know that you will be consenting to potentially witnessing the nudity of others. Maybe MY nudity. Ever since my lap dance for Jesus this past Christmas, I've been a born-again stripper.

Our gathering will include introductions and getting to know each other. We'll check in by sharing a bit about our relationship to play - what makes it feel easy to play and what holds you back. And then we'll invent a game to play together. It can be as sexy as we make it together. I'm thinking that we'll invent our own version of Truth or Dare.

Additional note - please arrive on time. Since there will be agreements set at this gathering, I won't be admitting newcomers after 7:45 pm.

To get the most out of this gathering, plan to join without distractions, so you can really participate and play with us. It won't be as much fun if you are driving or multi-tasking. There will not be much lecture at this gathering, so come prepared to engage with others online. Bring your playfulness and your sense of adventure. Prepare to meet some other amazing humans like yourself who are in this beautiful community.  

Let's set adult boundaries and then play like children!

Zoom link can be found here - once you RSVP.