Move those hips!

Move those hips!

Recently, I gathered with ten other Somatica enthusiasts and practitioners for a "DIY practice retreat weekend" that we affectionately dubbed The Submersion. We rented a big house and spent the days doing mock "sessions" with one another, to hone our techniques for guiding others towards deeper levels of intimacy and self mastery. It was a sexy gathering - lots of self aware people, who are all interested in attuning to their erotic energy, and using it for good in the world. It was an honor and a pleasure to have everyone come here to Kentucky from across the country!

One morning, during a break from yoga practice, I started dancing out on the porch, and my friend Allison (many of you have met her) got a quick video of my antics. I hope you enjoy my gyrations and the giggles.

Just to be clear - when we are practicing Somatica, we are keeping clothes ON - but y'all know I like to be naked, so that's why I take my shirt off in this video - it wasn't an official practice!

I'd love to put some music with this video, but I don't have the skills to do that... I would love to find one of you who would want to trade some simple video editing for premium membership subscription - so if you can help me with that, please let me know!

The video is below for premium members. Thank you for your support!