Radical Roots & The Activism of Play

Radical Roots & The Activism of Play

I found a gas station with my name on it!! I changed my name after I got divorced - I chose this name because it got lost when my ancestors came to Canada from France.

In this newsletter:

  • Recent family trip to Quebec
  • Invitation to this month's Members Meeting - Play Party with Sarah & Allison
  • December Tantric Joy Practice Circle
  • Next week: a video with Principles of Conscious Kink & Retreat Registration will be open!

I am just returning from a week long trip to Quebec to visit my French Canadian ancestral homeland - my Mom's parents were both born in Quebec and she grew up speaking French. My Mom planned the itinerary and I learned so much about our family and Canadian history.

My great-grandmother gave birth to her 13th child when she was 45 years old! I also visited the monument (in Napierville, Quebec) for one of my great-great-great-great-grandfathers, Julien Gagnon and his peers, who were pioneers of the revolt against the French "seigneurial" system that oppressed the farmers in the early 1700s. In the spirit of this radical ancestor of mine, it felt very appropriate that our visit ended with a tour of an exhibit in Montreal about Pussy Riot - the modern day feminist anarchist revolutionaries who are taking on Vladimir Putin's oppressive regime.

I cried my way through most of this exhibit, it was so moving. Feminine rage is so taboo, so needed, so powerful. For over a decade now, these women have channeled their righteous rage into iconic and non-violent art that touches my soul in ways I don't have words to describe. I am so inspired by the way these women put their lives on the line - going to prison over and over again - in order to fight for justice and social change. Seeing the way they vote with their lives inspires me to keep showing up for the things, the principles and the people that I love and that I believe will lead to a more just and loving world. I encourage you to check out their Youtube channel and watch ANY of the videos - let me know how it lands with you, I'd love to hear your thoughts and reaction.

December Events

My chosen form of activism for this month is to keep playing - and to keep getting naked. So I invite you to come and play with me and Allison on December 18th at 7 pm Eastern for our Monthly Members Meeting. Y'all are in for a holiday treat!

December Members Event - Online Play Party with Sarah & Allison
Join us for this online play party - an opportunity to experience your erotic innocence. It’s your birthright!

And then, later that week, I'll be hosting another Tantric Joy practice circle with Tasneem. We will again be focusing on self-care and practices for the holidays. Our last session, we shared some powerful practices for self care and resilience, particularly about releasing shame around food and body image. I'm sure this next session will be just as potent and connecting. Early bird tickets available until 12/19

Tantric Joy Practice Circle - with Tantrika Tasneem (online)
Join us for this online practice circle in which Tantrika Tasneem will lead us in a practice of subtle and expansive tantric joy.

Hope to see you all soon!

In next week's newsletter, I'll be sharing a video that Mana and I made about the Principles of Conscious Kink, and registration will be open for our Pleasure of Conscious Kink Retreat, May 3 - 5, 2024 in North Carolina.

With love,