Tantric Joy Workshop - an offer for my Inner Circle

Tantric Joy Workshop - an offer for my Inner Circle

I'm still here at Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery, several days after our Pleasure of Conscious Kink Retreat. I'm basking in the glow of the healing community that we created together. I'm feeling so grateful to my amazing co-facilitator, Xilverfox, to Gar-heart and Rudy-ji here at Dancing Shiva, and to all of the beloveds who showed up with their full hearts and authenticity. There was rope work, spanking, holding, tears, laughter, joy, grief and beyond. We had a circle of 16 folks, all of whom shared some combination of vulnerability, tenderness, strength and creativity. People's lives changed, and it was an honor to behold. I love this work! Mark your calendars for our next one, which is now planned for April 27 & 28, 2024. My next stop is the Sex Down South Conference in Atlanta that starts tomorrow!

What is Tantric Joy?

I also want to share with you that my Tantrika sister, Tasneem, and I have put together a "Tantric Joy" workshop, that will be offered online the weekend of October 21 and 22. Tasneem will be guiding us through practices of breathwork, mantra chanting, chakra clearing and interpersonal connection with the intention of experiencing the subtle and expansive nature of tantric joy - feeling connected to something bigger than ourselves.

If you're curious about Tantra, and/or would like to deepen your personal spiritual practice, this workshop would be great for you. Tasneem is a gifted teacher and has been my personal "pussy coach" for years. I love her! Let's learn from her together!

Register Now for more than 50% off

Those of you in the inner circle - who open my emails and pay attention to what I am offering - here's an invitation to register for this workshop at a big discount. The full price tickets will be $77 by the time the event rolls around. For the month or so before the event, they'll be discounted to $51 (the earlybird rate). And for those of you who are paying attention and register in the next week - and for premium members - you can get a ticket for $33 - just enter the code "InnerCircle" at checkout.

Tantric Joy - a weekend with Tantrika Tasneem (online)
Join us for this two-day online workshop in which Tantrika Tasneem will lead us into the practice of subtle and expansive tantric joy.

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Looking forward to seeing you in the circle!