What's hot & playful this week

Hi! You're gonna hear from me twice this week. This email is about stuff that's happening, and then I'll update you later this week on how the Sex Down South Conference was, and the Pleasure of Conscious Kink retreat!

I just posted this month's member's event - it's complementary for premium members, women and non-binary or gender fluid folks. Here's more about it:

September Members Event - Online Play Party
Join us for this online play party - an opportunity to experience your erotic innocence. It’s your birthright!

And tomorrow is the last day to sign up [AT THE INNER CIRCLE RATE of $33] for the October Tantra workshop with Tasneem. Unless you're a premium member, and then you can have this rate up till the last minute.

Tantric Joy - a weekend with Tantrika Tasneem (online)
Join us for this two-day online workshop in which Tantrika Tasneem will lead us into the practice of subtle and expansive tantric joy.

Just Dropped:

Wow, even though there's no music on this video, it's still hot, if I do say so myself. I got kinda turned on re-watching it just now. Enjoy!

Cowgirl Striptease (video)
[Premium Exclusive Video]

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Here's what you missed:

Cowgirl Sarah
[Premium Exclusive Gallery] From a fun photo shoot with a few props.
Just For You
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