Unlearning Celibacy

Unlearning Celibacy

Even for those of us not anywhere near the practice of spiritual renunciation, the construct of celibacy as a bastion of purity and virtue still has an unconscious shaming effect on the psyche of those of us who have been influenced by any major organized spiritual tradition.

Any path that proscribes how a spiritual seeker should experience their sexuality is a tradition that has fallen short of where humanity is.

Faith traditions have not kept pace with the embodiment revolution, the movement of people who have realized that the body is not something to be overcome. The body is an ally and a guide, just like the mind and the heart.

In my decade of exploring the re-coupling of my sexuality with my spirituality, I've noticed that there are specific skills that we can learn, that lead towards erotic mastery. In this post, you'll find a slide presentation of seven skills, all of which make for a better love life, and for more self-realization and fulfillment in day to day living.

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