What to do with desire

What to do with desire

The whole purpose of my work is to invite deeper awareness and connections - with ourselves, with nature, with one another. One way that I do that is by sharing images of myself, in moments when I am feeling connected to my body and to my desire. Desire is infectious - I'm hoping that my desire ignites yours.

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So if that's what happens, and you get turned on, what's next? What to do with the energy? What to do with the longing, the urges, the cravings?

This is where the fun really begins. Erotic energy is the energy of creativity and transformation. Sure, you can handle it the way you habitually do - maybe you just shut down the feelings - or maybe you bring yourself to orgasm - or maybe you take the energy and connect with a partner. All of those options are fine, but they won't change your life.

If you're interested in transformation, or even just an experiment, today I'm inviting you to slow down a bit and to simply BE with your own desire.

So here's what to do... Go ahead let yourself get turned on, from the images below, or from a fantasy. Then, fan the flames a little and let your urges and desires get even more intense, possibly. And then, instead of handling it the way you habitually do, take a different path. Take 10 long, slow deep breaths. Allow your desire to circulate throughout your body, not just your genitals. Take 10 more long, slow deep breaths, and this time, focus on breathing into your heart. You might even take a moment to pray or wish for something that is on your heart in this moment. But do so without any attachment or expectation of actually getting it - you're just putting the wish out there for the Universe.

Continue slowing down and notice what is happening in your body. Do you feel impatient? Or agitated? Where are you noticing the sensations in your body? Can you breathe into those areas?

From here, you can continue to breathe and notice for as long as it feels interesting and rewarding to you. Keep re-activating your desire with pleasurable thoughts and fantasies, and notice how the feelings in your body change. As you practice like this, you are building your capacity to experience pleasure, and to potentially share it with others as well. You are deepening your trust in yourself - that you can handle your desire skillfully and compassionately. This will make you a better lover -with yourself and with others.

Then, when you're ready, make a conscious decision to come out of the practice, and to thank yourself for trying this experiment.

These, my friends, are some first steps on the path of conscious eroticism. I invite you to welcome your desire, to sit with it, to hold it, to honor it and cherish it. Your desires are celebrated and welcomed here.