A Soulful Birthday

A Soulful Birthday

Just when I thought that my life had plateaued, I became even MORE clear that it's possible to create heaven on earth, and that's what my purpose is in this lifetime.

For my birthday this year, I invited a very small and select group of friends to come play with me. And I invited a magical being named Alice in Wonderland to direct the fun.

I wanted this gathering to feel even more soulful than previous birthday celebrations. I wanted this to be an opportunity to journey into the unknown parts of ourselves. I wanted to know more about this urge that I feel to be in a cage.

I crafted an invitation, and my beloveds showed up for me, so fully and complete with a borrowed large folding dog crate for us to play with...

I learned that the magic that Alice brings is very real, and I learned that I'm wanting love to keep me in a cage - to tend to me and to contain me.

Here's some captures from the evening - thank you to Rusty, Josh and Lauren.

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