Commitment - it's complicated - or is it?

Commitment - it's complicated - or is it?

This is an email about the events I am offering this summer. It takes a lot of commitment and trust to sign up to attend an event. When you commit to attend an event, by spending money, time and attention, what drives that commitment?

What drives us to commit to anything? Relationships? Careers? Places to live?

It's complicated, right?

There's this internal algorithm that each of us uses to gauge if we are ready to commit to something. We want to be sure that we will benefit from the expenditure of resources, that it will be enjoyable, that we'll feel safe (enough) in the experience, that we won't get ripped off or further traumatized... to name a few factors.

The decision to commit can be crazy-making. Indecision is not a comfortable or stable place for most of us. I get so squirmy when I am undecided about something!

Commitment creates change.

"Commitment is a line you cross - it's the line between wishing and doing."

Sometimes I don't want to cross that line. I LIKE the "wishing" state of being. It's dreamy and fun and requires NO risk. It's great!

And sometimes I want to be convinced to commit to something. Because I WANT to commit, but I am afraid for some reason. I want someone to help me cross the commitment line, because then I feel a sense of connection from the get-go.

The best tool for simplifying the commitment algorithm?

Don't commit until you feel a FULL BODY YES. What does this feel like in your body? Close your eyes now, and let your body remember - the last time all of your cells were aligned towards something - an experience, a person, a place, some music, a story. It's OK to just NOT do - and to wait until you feel this undeniable pull to say yes, to jump in, and to move forward.

If it's not a full body yes, let it be a "No". That's a hard rule to live by, but wow, it can make things simple.

If you're on the fence about any of these experiences, feel free to book a discovery call with me here. I'm happy to support your process of finding clarity.

A note about this "cock worship" workshop 🍆 that my friends are putting on (I will be attending as a participant). A friend of mine would like to sell her discounted ticket to this event. Please reply to this email if you're interested in buying it.

Touching the Pulse of God - Reclaiming Wisdom
An IN-PERSON Weekend Workshop (June 7-9) near Asheville, NC Touching the Pulse of God: Ecstatic Sexual Secrets for Men (and Those Who Love Them) with Sacred Intimate Kenneth Darby and Sex & Intimacy Coach Brad Amberheart A journey of discovery, reverence for men’s pleasure, and increased repertoire of practices that allow for more sexual aliveness. […]

Join me in North Carolina this Sunday! Or, I am offering two other dates later in the summer...

Natural Attraction: Eco-erotic Mini-Retreats at an Eco-village
June, August and September - three mini retreats at Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery inside Earthaven Ecovillage.

Today is the last day for early bird tickets for Women Naked in the Woods!

Women Naked in the Woods Retreat
June 28 - 30, 2024 in Stanton KY An in-person retreat of embodied sisterhood, connection, healing and soul exploration in nature and community.

This workshop! I love it! It's a great way to explore who you are as an erotic being. This is how to BEGIN your journey with eroticism, embodiment, consent, and healing your relationship with sexuality. Clothes stay ON for this workshop.

Discovering Your Body Erotic - In Person - Lexington, KY
July 27 &28, 2024 Join me for this clothes-on weekend workshop, in person in Lexington Kentucky!