Conscious Kink Workshop - Free Online - August 13

Conscious Kink Workshop - Free Online - August 13

August 13 from 5:30 to 7:15 PM Eastern

  • Online

Join Xilverfox and Sarah Belzile for this free online workshop from 5:30 - 7:15 pm Eastern on August 13th.

During this workshop, Xilverfox and Sarah will offer some juicy nuggets of teaching about Conscious Kink. We’ll cover how and why to connect to your “Inner Dom” and your “Inner Sub” as well as invite you into an experience of genuine internal consent with these two archetypal parts of yourself. We will guide you to discover a specific way that you can integrate this work into your daily life and relationships, to promote more clarity, effectiveness, pleasure and satisfaction.

This workshop is designed to be a bite-sized yummy morsel of what we’ll be offering at our upcoming retreat, The Pleasure of Conscious Kink. We’ll share a special bonus to those of you who attend this workshop AND register for the retreat.

Conscious Kink

  • What is Conscious Kink and how might it benefit you?
  • How can learning nerdy concepts of power and social structures actually make your life more SEXY??
  • Why is it that the hottest sex of Sarah’s life has resulted from having an understanding of power dynamics?

Let’s be real. We are all accustomed to power structures that are built on non-consensual domination. Non-consensual domination is part of our every day life. For example, as children, most of us did not have a choice about if we would attend school every day - our parents made that decision for us. As adults, we often find ourselves in work situations where we do not feel that we have chosen our bosses. We often continue to accept this dynamic of non-consensual domination, both in conscious and unconscious ways. We may perpetuate this dynamic by unconsciously replicating non-consensual domination in our intimate relationships, families and communities.

Conscious Kink gives us the option of experiencing consensual domination, and allowing ourselves to begin to heal our relationship with power itself - starting with our own power.

Some of the benefits of Conscious Kink
  • Learn a modality for transforming limiting beliefs into superpowers
  • Heal trauma and unwind unconscious patterns
  • Learn how to wield your power more consciously and intentionally
  • Experience greater peace of mind and attunement in relationships and leadership
This workshop will best be experienced if you are not multi-tasking or driving. However, if that’s what works best for you, then please do join us anyway, you’re likely to get something valuable from the session.

Looking forward to seeing you there!