What is eco-eroticism? Can it enrich your love life?

What is eco-eroticism? Can it enrich your love life?

Jan 21 2022

Eco-eroticism is any practice which co-mingles erotic pleasure with attraction to nature. The intention of this practice is to honor the Earth while healing and strengthening your spirit. The more I practice and contemplate eco-eroticism, the more I realize that eroticism and the impulse for deep nature connection are not actually separate at all, they are both expressions of life’s longing for itself. Furthermore, I realize that so many of my personal practices, from a simple walk outdoors to the way I create my personal altars in my bedroom using items from nature, could be classified as “eco-erotic”.  I believe this term is meant to be used as a “nudge” towards the creation of our own playful and personal nature-based erotic practices. As you begin your eco-erotic journey, please consider this post the permission you may need to intuitively guide yourself towards the kind of connection with nature, yourself and the divine that you most desire. Try on and please borrow my profound sense of trust that when we combine our love of nature with our inherent eroticism, this leads us towards greater intimacy with the ineffable mysteries of beauty, creation and wisdom.

Yesterday, I went for a winter walk in the woods and even though I was bundled up, I allowed myself to feel turned on by the curving lines of the frozen water in the puddles on the path. Eco-eroticism is simultaneously simple and intuitive, because it’s so natural to feel more alive when we connect with nature, and yet it can also feel complex and completely individual, since everyone has different turn ons, preferences, kinks and attractions.

So how does one begin to experience eco-eroticism?

What is an example of a beginning eco-erotic practice?

I am an experiential learner, which means that in order for me to really understand what something is, I need to experience it. Reading or hearing about it is not as effective for me. I’m also an experiential teacher; I love to guide others into new experiences for learning and transformation. So instead of sharing more of my thoughts about eco-eroticism, I’ve outlined a sample practice that you can use to actually experience it and see for yourself what this might have to offer you.

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Logistics & preparation: Set aside 30 minutes for this practice. You can do this practice in your home or outdoors.  You will need a comfortable place to sit or lay, enough privacy to self-pleasure, and two inspiring images or objects: one of some aspect of nature (or this can be an item from nature as well, or it can be the experience of simply being outside on a beautiful day) and an erotic image or item of some kind (photo, music, symbol).

Mood: Try this practice for the first time when you are feeling emotionally stable, and are in need of grounding, centering or inspiration.

Part 1: Grounding, Intention & Breath

  • Sit or lay quietly and begin with the intention to ground and connect yourself to the Earth. Allow your body to surrender completely to gravity. Visualize this force of gravity as the Earth’s love pulling you towards her.
  • Check in with your heart and your sex. What would you most like to get out of this practice? What are you most yearning for, in this moment, and in your life? Spend a few moments allowing this yearning to fully inhabit your system and to guide the practice, without a sense of attachment to having this yearning be answered. Just allow the yearning itself to animate you.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes focused solely on your breath. The way your body inhales and exhales is a manifestation of the mystery and power of nature. Additionally, the breath is a portal for working with erotic and spiritual energy. Breathe slowly and deeply. Notice the inflow and outflow of your breath with curiosity, as if you had never noticed it before.

Part 2: Sensually Connecting with Nature

  • Take a moment to honor the item or image from Nature that you have gathered for use in this practice. Thank its spirit or essence for supporting you today.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes with this image or object, appreciating its qualities. Notice why you feel attracted to this image. What makes this image beautiful for you? Turn it around in your mind or your hand, and appreciate it from a different angle or perspective. Imagine your attraction to the beauty of this item growing stronger.
  • Give yourself permission to go to an even more subtle, ethereal realm of connection with this item or object. Imagine that you are connecting with its most essential core, with its animating principle. Breathe into this connection.

Part 3: Connecting with your Eroticism

  • Now turn towards the erotic image or item that you have gathered for use in this practice. Thank its spirit or essence for supporting you today.
  • Spend a couple of minutes with this image or object, appreciating its qualities. Notice why you feel attracted to this image. What makes this image erotic for you? Breathe into your sense of turn-on. Focus on the sense of beauty, peace, sizzle or allure that the image inspires for you. Then begin to pleasure yourself, gently massaging your face, limbs, torso and your genitals. Imagine that as you touch yourself, you are imbuing yourself with the same qualities that you most admire from your nature image and the erotic image that you are working with.
  • As you touch yourself, give yourself permission to go to an even more subtle, ethereal realm of connection with yourself and the energy of the items that you have gathered. Imagine that you are connecting with your most essential core and allowing yourself to connect to the deep wisdom and abundance of the Earth.

Part 4: Closing & Integration

  • To close, spend 5-10 minutes in “savasana” just resting and allowing the impressions from the practice to settle in your body.
  • You may choose to journal about your experience.

Can eco-eroticism enliven your love life?

The practice of eco-eroticism can enliven your WHOLE life, not just your love life. Like any spiritual practice, eco-eroticism is a pleasurable way to come home to yourself, to align with the purity of higher frequencies of the universe, and to indulge your natural inclination to connect more deeply with the pulsating wildness of the Earth. As you become more turned on and tuned in to your natural eroticism, you become more magnetic and attractive. Furthermore, eco-eroticism can give you a felt sense of deep abundance, and a profound reassurance that your most intimate needs can and will be met by the universe. This sense of trust makes it easier to be vulnerable, authentic and passionate in your love-making and relationship building.