How to make Tax Day Fun!

How to make Tax Day Fun!

Sarah & Rachel with our laptops

Adulting is hard sometimes! Tax day is here, and getting all my paperwork together is one of those things that I can easily and happily put off for another day.

My friend Rachel and I decided to take off some clothes and have some fun while preparing to work on our taxes. The laughter was riotous, as I hope you can see from the pictures.

Here's some tips that you can use for doing your taxes - or any other adulting task that you're putting off.

1. Take some clothes off
2. Do something fun or pleasurable BEFORE you start (I'm kind of over using pleasure as a reward. It works better to START with pleasure!)
3. Make it into a game
4. Do it with a friend
5. Put on some good music
6. Set a timer and JUST DO IT FOR 5 MINUTES and then re-evaluate
7. Notice the feeling in your body - where exactly do you feel the resistance? Get curious!
8. Deep breaths - before - during - after
9. Text a friend about it and ask for support - and then text them with a progress report
10. Make a new dance move, gesture or facial expression that represents how you feel about the task
11. Whining!!! Let yourself whine and have a mini-temper tantrum. They are so fun! Here's a video about whining... try it, you might like it...

It IS possible for adulting to be fun.

Happy Tax Day, friends!

Enjoy the pics below. The last two are fun things we discovered about my pendulous boobs. 🤣

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