January Members Meeting - Office Hours - Free Online

January Members Meeting - Office Hours - Free Online

Monday, January 15th

7 - 8:30 PM Eastern

Let's start the year with some connection time. Join me for conversation, community and sharing. Bring your burning questions - about spirituality, relationships, love, sex, money, death, intimacy, embodiment, life. And/or, bring your brightest insights that you would like to share about all the same topics!

I'll tell you my favorite almost funny jokes. And, if someone asks me, I'll share about what I've got planned so far for 2024.

I'd also love to share about Somatica coaching - the modality that I am using the most in my one-on-one work with people. Here's an article that I wrote about it, since I realized that most folks have no idea that this modality even exists.

What is Somatica Coaching?
As an embodiment coach, the Somatica Method is one of the primary tools that I use when I work with clients. What makes the Somatica method unique, and also very effective, is that it is based on developing an authentic relationship together. So during our sessions, we are not only