June Members Meeting - Eco-Erotic Play Time

June Members Meeting - Eco-Erotic Play Time

Monday, June 17th

7 - 8:30 PM Eastern

We had such an incredible time last month, I decided to do the same thing again!

Join this meeting from your phone - preferably while outside somewhere.

Find yourself in the grass, in the creek, in the trees, at the lake, in the mud, watching the sunset, catching fireflies, foraging mushrooms, skipping stones, collecting firewood, listening to the birds, petting moss and/or leaning against a tree... find a place that feels good for you. You might even let yourself get bitten by a mosquito or two. 

Make this special, make this sweet.

Set aside this time for you to play, to relax, to just be.

I'll guide an eco-erotic practice for us, from somewhere outside - probably my yard or my woods. It'll be part meditation, part play-time.

Everyone can share a bit about where they are what they are noticing and what's turning them on. We'll use our sense of pleasure and enjoyment to connect more deeply with nature, ourselves and one another.

There may be some on-screen nudity (by me and maybe others), there may not be. Nudity is never required to attend.

$20 registration

Complementary for subscribed members. Scroll down to get the members discount code. Sign up for a membership here ($20/month)

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