Nature Connection

Nature Connection

During the darkest times in my life, when all the other spiritual practices have fallen away, the thing that has remained as the most consistent source of nourishment for my soul has been my connection with nature. I trust nature as my beloved more than any other entity, concept or human. I depend on my reverence and connection to nature to bring me back to myself, to keep me sane, to inspire me, to turn me on, and to bring me to new levels of wisdom and awareness.

Eco-sexuality & Eco-eroticism

The term eco-sexuality comes from the work of the amazing Annie Sprinkle. She and her partner Beth Stevens now host these whimsical, playful and radical “marriage ceremonies to the Earth”, all over the planet. I love these two and have been so inspired by them. The eco-erotic work that I share is my own version of what happens when we allow our attraction to nature to become erotic, to reach down deep into our sex, and to penetrate all the layers of our cells.

While I would like to describe for you what is available to and possible for you when you fully indulge your body and soul’s attraction to nature and the Earth, that’s something that resides in the realm of the great mystery. What I can offer you is your wildest imagination of how far your desire can take you, when you surrender to the power of nature’s mysteries and her unflinching beauty.

A few years ago, I had a profoundly transformational eco-erotic experience, while on a personal sadhana (spiritual journey) at the Red River Gorge Ashram. I speak about this profound experience on a podcast episode that I did with the Human Awareness Institute. This may help to give you a sense of what’s possible with this work.

If you are interested in eco-erotic experiences, consider attending one of my upcoming workshops or retreats or checking out some of the pictures, exercises and resources listed in my erotic playground. (You will need to sign up as a premium member in order to see all the content there, but there are previews of some content available).

Here's a simple nature connection practice - it's a good example of this kind of work.

Nervous System Reset Practice - in Nature
This is a brief example of how I work with the coherence of nature to reset my nervous system after a busy or intense day. We can intentionally shift from the activated state of hustle into a state of “rest and digest”.


I live in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, because I love rock climbing and this is one of the best places on Earth to climb. The Gorge has beautifully intimate nooks and crannies, folds and hollers. These gorgeous arches and amphitheaters are full of moss, ferns, and pocketed rock faces, holes and slits where I get to put my hands and my feet as I wiggle and slide my body up against these hard, unyielding and challenging shapes. Climbing is my personal practice and my teacher; it grounds me and gives me an outlet for some of my latent erotic energy. It teaches me about my innermost workings, my shadows and the ways I limit myself.

Red River Gorge Play Ashram

In 2017, I posted about my dream to start an ashram, a spiritual community for yoga and nature connection, here in the Gorge. That first three month session, I didn’t exactly get many takers. A few sweet friends showed up to practice yoga with me and chant around the fire now and then. But the dream did not die! Thanks first to Cecilia Li and then to Leila Christina, who practiced alongside me for weeks and months at a time the following season, the ashram vision continued and has now grown into an actual community of yogis. Recently, I have stepped away from my leadership role at the ashram, but I still encourage others to check out the beautiful offerings they have. The community gathers periodically throughout the year for “pop up” ashram sessions, living close to the earth, gathering each morning for asana practice and meditation, daily shared meals, evening fire ceremonies and ongoing spiritual inquiry and learning.