PG-18 Play Party - Louisville

PG-18 Play Party - Louisville

Saturday, April 22, 2023

7 pm to 10 pm

Join us for a "PG-18 rated" celebration of touch, affection, play and consent. Like the afternoon cuddle party, you will be guided through a series of structured exercises, all designed to help you improve your skills and awareness for intimacy and connection. We'll start with conversational shares, and gradually work up to sharing touch with one another, with constant reminders about the practice of consent and connection with yourself, first and foremost. As the exercises progress, you'll eventually have a chance to try the technique of "throwing someone up against a wall". We'll also play the "animal game" together, which is a fun and sexy way to generate some primal energy (see video below).

The last part of the evening will be less structured, so that you'll be able to practice making requests, sharing touch and negotiating with each other to create fun and connecting encounters. By the time we get there, you will have taken the time to reflect on what kind of touch you might like to give and receive, and probably have learned a bit more about who you are as an erotic being. This evening is designed for you to practice embodying your erotic energy with a variety of folks - different genders, shapes, sizes and ages. You may feel attracted to some people and not to others. You will be empowered to be completely at choice about what kind and what duration of touch you share with each person there. You will never have to touch anyone or be touched by anyone at this event.

My goal as a facilitator is to help you feel relaxed and grounded enough to give yourself full permission to explore aspects of yourself that you may never have explored before. This is made possible by being in a room of mostly strangers - people with new energy, no baggage and no expectations. At least one of the exercises will involve playing like children, as a way to bring back a sense of innocence to our erotic selves. We will talk about how to deal with "rejection" or hearing "no" as a response, and realizing that it's not personal. We'll also practice hearing and saying "yes" to invitations that feel very welcome and juicy.

The community agreements for this event are that clothes will stay on, no genital touch and no kissing on the lips. Everyone is expected to respect these agreements, even when or if arousal happens. In order to attend this event, you will need to be willing to witness the arousal of others.

The purpose of these boundaries is to encourage the exploration of eroticism and play, and to de-emphasize our habitual pathways towards sexual connections. This is meant to be an expansive experience, where you may explore new ways to connect with others.

In order to uphold the highest levels of consent, this is a sober event. Please do not use any drugs or alcohol before or during this event.

Register for the event for $45

Earlybird tickets of $30 available until April 8th. Enter "Early" at checkout.

Last day to buy tickets is Friday April 21st... no same-day sales, sorry!

PLEASE BE ON TIME. Late arrivals will not be admitted after the opening agreements have been set.

There is a Cuddle Party earlier in the day also. Register for both events for a package price of $80, and get a 33% discount if you register before April 8.

FAQ about the Play Party:

What if I feel afraid or nervous?

Being nervous and afraid is definitely a common and normal way to feel, especially if it's your first time trying anything like this. I encourage you to really feel into your "tender edge" - the part of you that is eager to learn and grow. And I encourage you to honor your own "no" and not force yourself to do this event if you just don't feel quite ready for it yet. As an additional resource, feel free to reach out to me at any time before the event if you would like reassurance or if there are specific questions or concerns that come up for you.

What if I become aroused?

Arousal will likely happen at this event! Even if you don't feel aroused yourself, you may witness others feeling aroused. Arousal is welcome, AND please review the community boundaries listed above. It's an important and valuable erotic skill to increase your capacity to still make good decisions for yourself, even when you are in an aroused state.

Do I need a partner for this event?

Definitely not. This event is appropriate for singles or couples.

What if my partner and I want to do the exercises together?

That's totally fine! You are welcome to participate as a couple or individually, and you can make that decision one exercise at a time if you like.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund if you cancel more than 48 hours before the event starts. No refunds for cancellations less than 48 hours before. It's super common for the last minute nerves to really rattle people. Please try to lean into your discomfort and recognize that this will likely feel like a stretch to just about everyone who is in the room!

Curious about what might happen at this event? Watch this video for more of an idea of how "The Animal Game" can go. (Celeste starts explaining it about 5 minutes into the video.) The animal game can also be much LESS intense than this.