Clear Your Erotic Blocks {Online Weekend Workshop}

Clear Your Erotic Blocks {Online Weekend Workshop}

Friday, March 31, 2023 8:00 PM  
Sunday, April 2, 2023 2:00 PM

Join us for this virtual weekend retreat where we will identify and transcend the energetic, psychological and emotional limitations that constrain and constrict your erotic self.  

I am teaching this workshop with my friend and colleague, Paul Willis. Paul is a very talented intuitive guide and energy healer. In this retreat, we'll lead you through specific visualization processes to guide you to release the specific blocks that you are holding. Then, you'll have the opportunity to create a personalized embodiment ritual that will enable you to integrate and actualize your true erotic potential.

What folks have said about this workshop

I received so much freedom and lightness around the intentions I brought to the class. I received love and warmth from the community. And I received validation and belonging on this journey.
I rode the wave of confidence that Paul and Sarah exuded from every pore of their being. I received the gift of reclaiming erotic energy and downloading it from the cosmos into my body.
I really enjoyed the workshop. I thought the format was very flexible and allowed people who had really different needs to benefit. I like the combination of doing the energy work and exploring the blocks and then doing more embodiment focused work. I learned a lot and was impressed and how engaging it was to be on Zoom for that long.
I loved the spacing out of the sessions - I haven't experienced that before in a workshop and it was definitely needed (rather than all in one day). I would have loved to do this in person and I'm grateful we could do it online to save money.
We did a lot in a short time! I liked the schedule and how it broke up time on the computer and encouraged connection.
Both leaders were really strong and wise and solid and centered and calm and inviting. The event felt well held and organized.
The two biggest takeaways: 1. That the blocks/opinions are not from me or part of me. And 2. The idea of the ritual and asking people to tell me things I need to hear. That's not something I would ever think to do but I found it really powerful.
I have been describing this to people like - group therapy about sex with different exercises, not just talking.
I am glad that I followed my curiosity about exploring methods for clearing erotic blocks. I discovered that I had more than expected. And, my erotic energy was somewhat pushed aside and needed to be invited back in. This program was very impactful and delivered in a well paced format.
Sarah and Paul helped the group to move through a transformational process of identifying and clearing erotic blocks, somehow helping each of us to go where we needed to go. Much was happening beyond my conscious awareness and I am still integrating a greater embodiment of my spiritual and erotic power.