In praise of awkwardness - and my new website

In praise of awkwardness - and my new website

So I have this practice of sometimes choosing to move ahead with things, because the timing feels right, even though I know they aren't perfect or complete. This practice is my way of raising both of my middle fingers and running away from the construct of "perfectionism"  (and its implicit trap of paralysis and inaction).

Today's email, and the announcement that I have a new website, is a product of this practice.

I've switched over to a new platform, Ghost, so that I can have a sections (lol I initially typed sextion by mistake) of the Erotic Playground for premium members that contains content that is more "spiritually naked" (read: intimate, vulnerable and sometimes instructive) than the rest of my content.

This post about my experience visiting a sex club is particularly juicy.

This feels like a vulnerable thing to do, and yet I am excited to create more intentional content for those of you who would like to engage with me more frequently or more closely.

And, like many seminal, pivotal moments in my life, it feels a little awkward. I'm not entirely sure of where I'm going with this, but it feels fun, exciting and inspiring. So here we go! Many thanks to those of you who have signed up as premium members already.

Embracing awkwardness is a radical act of social activism. Every new collaborative creation begins when some courageous humans become willing to step into the unknown together. It takes some amount of spiritual grit to step off the track of pre-determined ritualized interactions and welcome what is emerging in the present.

To celebrate this "launch", I'm hosting an online event on Saturday December 17th, from 12 to 2:30 pm (eastern), 10 am to 12:30 (mountain), for all the members of this Soul Family, folks who have felt drawn to the work I am sharing with the world.

At this gathering, we'll first check in and introduce ourselves. Then I'll spend 30-45 minutes sharing with you all an overview of this body of work that I plan to focus on in 2023. My working title is: Unlearning Celibacy: Illuminating the journey of erotic mastery as a spiritual practice. I'll outline seven different interpersonal skills that have spiritual value and support the journey of erotic mastery. And what I mean by erotic mastery is having a sense of mastery over your own erotic energy, becoming an even better lover, feeling competent at intimacy and learning to love more widely and deeply. I'll offer ways to practice each one of these skills as well as why I think they are so important.

Then, for our last hour or so, we'll spend time in break out rooms discussing these principles and how we are presently embodying them. You can expect to learn some things, feel supported on your journey and to meet some new like-minded folks. The presentation part of the event will be recorded. You are welcome to register even if you can't attend in real time (and I'll send you the recording) but please know that you will not get the "social" benefit of meeting others.

The event is $25 and is FREE for premium members.

(Premium members will be automatically registered and sent the zoom link, so there is no need to register here.)

Thanks to all of you for your support!

I welcome your feedback, thoughts and requests regarding this new platform!

Much love,