This might be my favorite time of the year

This might be my favorite time of the year

It might just be a simple flip of the calendar page, but I love the fresh start of the New Year.

Take a deep breath with me, right now, and press "re-set" on ANY area of your life that you'd like to refresh or renew.

Your finances.

Your love life.

Your career.

Your home life.

Your health.

No matter what's happening in any of those areas of your life, it's NEVER too late to start over. To start fresh. To look at yourself and your life, and your loved ones, with fresh eyes and a fresh heart. Taking that deep breath, and allowing yourself the luxury of a fresh start - it feels good, doesn't it? And that, my friends, is a great example of the healing power of pleasure.

New Year's Reflection Process

Here's a link to an old favorite - the new year's reflection process that I have used for years - I love the process of visiting all the "houses" of life and feeling into what is taking shape (or isn't) in each of them.

New Year’s Reflection Process
A process for New Year’s Reflection and dreaming into the year to come

January & February Events

Join me for the January members event - a casual hang out session.

January Members Meeting - Office Hours - Free Online
Let’s start the year with some connection time. Join me for conversation, community and sharing. Bring your burning questions - about spirituality, relationships, love, sex, money, death, intimacy, embodiment, life.

And if you identify as a woman, please consider joining me and my beloved Lauren for this mini-retreat at the end of the month.

Women Naked By The Fire - In Person Mini Retreat & Potluck
An in-person sisterhood mini-retreat in Stanton, KY - created to stoke the flames of your inner fire in a supportive and safe circle.

And lastly, in February... this is an in-person retreat hosted at Centered in Lexington, which is a perfect introduction to conscious eroticism. It's a gentle on-ramp to learning more about intimacy and embodiment skills. I have seen this workshop serve as a huge turning point in the healing journey of those who have taken it. Enter "Refer2023!" at checkout for a $100 discount.

Discovering Your Body Erotic - In Person - Lexington, KY
Join me for this clothes on weekend workshop, in person in Lexington Kentucky!

Much love to you, my friends! And I am really looking forward to seeing more of you in 2024.

With gratitude,