Coming back to your "home" frequency

Coming back to your "home" frequency

This morning's practice was all about coming back to my "home" frequency, after feeling a bit of a vulnerability hangover... that feeling I get when I have had an expansive or deeply connecting experience, and then my nervous system contracts. I notice thoughts like "I am too much" or "I went too far" or "I should play it safer". Those thoughts are all signs that my nervous system needs some kind of soothing.

For me, the place I go first is the forest, or a stream. That's where I go to get grounded and to come back to what I call my "home" frequency. And I like to take off my clothes, if possible. Let's take a moment to remember that everything in this world is energy; the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy is that one is energy that is stored in chemical bonds that make up matter (potential) and kinetic is energy in motion, actively being released. Our bodies are made of energy, and so are our emotions. So this practice of coming back to our "home" frequency - it's when we align our conscious thoughts with the essence of the soul - who we are.

I just close my eyes for a few moments and imagine being even MORE myself. If my soul is just energy - like everything else -  what does it feel like? How can I be more myself right now - and let go of all the forces that seem to be pulling me to be somebody else? It often takes a few breaths to summon a bit of relief from whatever circular thoughts have sent me into a spiral.

So here's a reminder that you can do this too! Anytime you need! Especially in the moments when you notice that you are being influenced in ways that don't feel so good.

Here's some pics of me playing (with myself) and finding my home frequency in the forest.

And hey - I have so many events coming up! Ways that you can come play with me, too. I'm teaching Morning Erotic Practice tomorrow. And then there's all these coming up, too: Kentucky Yoga Fest, Women Naked in the Woods, Courageous Self Inquiry, Celebrating the Body Erotic for Women, the Goddexx Initiative and a Conscious Kink Workshop

I love my life. Hope to see you at one of these events soon!

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