Love & Nudity

Love & Nudity

Yep, pretty much two of my favorite things.

Hope you all got through Valentine's Day in one piece. Although I am deeply romantic, it's not my favorite day of the year. In my world, authentic love is soulful, transcendent, powerful, messy and unconventional - not full of roses and pink hearts. This year, the night after Valentine's Day, I had a bizarre dream in which people were snorting pink glitter up their noses and I declined to participate. That about sums up how I feel about it.

However, I do have some hot stuff to share with you. I got some "inner exhibitionist" pics from some of you! See the post below to explore! You'll need a premium membership to see the gallery, so here's a 7 day free trial so you can check them out.

Healing with Exhibitionism
Send me your noods and your lewds - I’d love to add your artsy or fun image to this community gallery. Use this as a place to release shame about your body and celebrate yourself!

Also, a reminder about this group coaching program I have coming up. I'm super excited about this and there are a few spaces left. This is a chance to work on YOUR STUFF when it comes to intimacy, sex, triggers, shadows, setting boundaries and consent. The stuff that really makes a difference in your relationships!

Embody Your Soul - Online Group Coaching Program
* Are you stuck repeating the same patterns? * Is it difficult to ask for what you want? * Are interested in making your intimate life more sacred and meaningful? If you’re ready to turn inwards and discover new parts of yourself, welcome to the “embodiment” path, the journey of tuning into the

Lastly, the earlybird discount for this course goes until March 10...

Clear Your Erotic Blocks {Online Weekend Workshop}
Friday, March 31, 2023 8:00 PM Sunday, April 2, 2023 2:00 PM Join us for this virtual weekend retreat where we will identify and transcend the energetic, psychological and emotional limitations that constrain and constrict your erotic self. I am teaching this workshop with my friend and collea…

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