The State of my Love Life

The State of my Love Life

Well, Valentine's Day happened this week. I had a hot date with a cup of tea, a cuddly dog and my colorku game.

How was your Valentine's Day?

I'd like to invite you to come talk about it this coming Monday at our Love Life Sharing Circle (free and online). I'll be sharing about the state of my love life... I have learned so much lately about creative relationship structures, transparency, repair and intimacy and I'm going to take some time on Monday to tell you all about it. And then welcome you to share as well!

Your Yogic S*x Life

And also next week, I am teaching a class called Your Yogic S*x Life at Centered in Lexington - you can join both online as well as in person. I am thrilled to be teaching this class about how to apply the principles of yoga to your sex life. Specifically on Wednesday, we'll delve into the concept of “svadyaya” which is a Sanskrit word that has several meanings, including self inquiry. Specifically, we will explore three inner voices  - the mind, the heart and the genitals (or sexual center). Often, these three voices operate in conflict with one another. You will be guided through specific exercises to connect with these three aspects of yourself and to bring them into more harmony with each other. When these three voices work together, they help us to master our life force energy, which is what is meant by the Sanskrit term “brahmacharya”. I hope to see you there!

Also, we have extended the Earlybird pricing so you can still register for a 15% discount!

Also - I took a chair dance class this week at Empowered Flow in Lexington! It was great fun and here's what I learned... you can see the look of serious concentration on my face! I imagine I'll get more smile-y as I get more comfy with the moves.

New video by Sarah Belzile

Hope to see you at an event soon! Or you may want to book a discovery call with me to determine if we are a good fit for individual coaching... I'd love to chat with you.

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