Meet me in the woods of Ontario next week?

Meet me in the woods of Ontario next week?

Images of nature from the Ecology Retreat Center in Hockley Valley, Ontario

Greetings from the mountains of North Carolina. I'm still here at Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery, and I'm getting ready for the next event... Want to meet me in Canada next week?

I am facilitating a "Celebrating the Body Erotic" (for all genders) workshop at a beautiful retreat center, just outside of Toronto which starts next Thursday June 13th. I am filling in for another Body Electric faculty member, who couldn't make it last minute. I am so thrilled about this retreat venue - Ecology Retreat Center - it looks gorgeous!

This workshop changed my life - it was a mystical experience for me, and introduced me to the practice of using erotic energy as a portal to altered states of consciousness and awareness. And now, it's an honor to continue to share it with others.

This is an erotically spicy workshop - there is nudity and the option of genital touch for participants - you have complete agency over what touch you receive and what you do not. And the healing potential is also huge. This workshop guides participants into an experience of what I call "transpersonal eroticism" - a sense of eroticism that is outside of the context of personal relationship or attraction. This is often deeply healing, since the trauma and shame that we carry has come from one 0n one relationships and interactions.

We are offering some special scholarships for this workshop! Please email Vincent at if you're interested in attending, he will do his best to make it work for you. Feel free to email me with questions as well.

Hope to see you in Canada or at another of these upcoming offerings!

Women Naked in the Woods Retreat
June 28 - 30, 2024 in Stanton KY An in-person retreat of embodied sisterhood, connection, healing and soul exploration in nature and community.
Discovering Your Body Erotic - In Person - Lexington, KY
July 27 &28, 2024 Join me for this clothes-on weekend workshop, in person in Lexington Kentucky!
Natural Attraction: Eco-erotic Mini-Retreats at an Eco-village
June, August and September - three mini retreats at Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery inside Earthaven Ecovillage.
Earthly Desire: An Eco Erotic Nature Retreat
Nevada City, CA - Sept 27 - 29, 2024 - Through the intimacy of belonging to the Earth, you may commune with your innermost voice, the voice of your true nature.
Playing in the Dark - A Three Day Retreat of Connection and Eros
October 3-6, 2024 Red River Gorge, KY Join us for a three day experience of transforming the stuck places in your intimate life through the process of making love to your shadows.